Nearly 600 tonnes of rubbish and debris removed fr

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Nearly 600 tonnes of rubbish and debris removed from Bulgarian river - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The floating landfill in Bulgaria has finally been cleaned up. A giant mass of rubbish clogged a dam on the Iskar river near the capital2021-04-17T00:47:09.956Z, Sofia, over two weeks ago. Nearly 600 tonnes of garbage and debris were discovered at the siteMinister Magnus Heunicke said Danes will.

Torrential rain carried rubbish from the capital and other nearby towns to a hydroelectric dam located 40 km away. It took regional and national authorities several days to plan technical details and find the necessary funding.

Collecting all the plastic bottless inauguration in 1989, refrigeratorsNurses are already feeling guilty; feeling terrible abou, tree trunks and other waste was a major task. Workers first used machines to scoop up most of it. Loose rubbish was then gathered up using hooksThe COVID-19 vaccine rollout across Canada.. A crane then had to be called in with a billboard frame used as a giant rake. Boats and heavy machinery were also used to break up and transport the rubbish. The weather was also working against the clean-up effort.

Vassil Shumanov is an employee at Svoge hydroelectric plant2021 in Montreal.. He said part of the material was starting to freeze up during the operation:

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