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With the improvement of safety awareness, people pay more and more attention to the purchase of wires when decorating

with the improvement of safety awareness, people pay more and more attention to the purchase of wires when decorating. In the process of decoration, how to know what kind of wires you need is also a problem that puzzles many netizens. Industry insiders pointed out that before home decoration, owners should understand some common wire knowledge, which is very good for purchasing products. The laying of strong current we usually talk about refers to the laying of plastic copper wire

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at present, the plastic copper wire on the market is 1.5 square meters, 2.5 square meters and 4 square meters, etc., and 2.5 square meters and 4 square meters are basically enough in home life. Generally, there are six or seven strong lines in the home, including lighting lines, socket lines, kitchen socket lines, bathroom socket lines, air conditioning lines and a standby line. In addition to the 4 square meters of air-conditioning lines, the other can choose 2.5 square meters. If there are many electrical appliances in the bathroom and kitchen, the 4 square meters of lines can also be used. In the market, there are many other grades of plastic copper wire marked with low smoke and halogen-free, and ordinary plastic copper wire can be used for home decoration

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weak current includes telephone line, network line, cable TV line, audio line, video line, audio line, etc. The products sold in the market have high grades and low prices, and some prices vary greatly. You can decide whether to choose high-specification products according to your own life planning and economic situation

TV lines have ordinary coaxial lines, two-layer shielded coaxial lines and four layer shielded coaxial lines. At present, four layer shielded coaxial lines are generally selected





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