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Summer is wet and rainy. Yama King teaches you how to choose solid wood flooring

the summer solstice is coming, and many owners of decorated flooring may start to have headaches and insomnia, because Guangzhou is wet and rainy in summer, and there are a lot of disadvantages in decorating solid wood flooring in summer, and these disadvantages cannot be corrected in time for the time being. In fact, as long as you deal with the problems that should be paid attention to in summer decoration, construct according to the normal process and procedures, grasp every detail, you can make a love nest that satisfies you, and your small family can become warm and natural, saving a lot of unnecessary troubles. I. choose the materials and sizes of solid wood flooring. It is mainly made of some wood mainly including Quercus Quercus (oak wood), borneol, pear, fragrant tea Cornus, Fraxinus mandshurica, teak, birch, etc. after fine processing. In the past, the market used to have disordered names, strange names, and even mixed fake and shoddy. What kind of grapefruit, gold does not change, rich and valuable wood, so that customers can't distinguish the true from the false, and don't know whether it's good or bad. So when buying, we mainly look at its rating. Solid wood flooring is divided into three levels: AA level, a level and B level, and AA level has the highest quality. At present, the specifications and sizes of solid wood floors supplied in the market are longer and wider, such as 900mm × 90mm × 18mm, in fact, the wooden floor should be short rather than long, narrow rather than wide, and should be less than 600mm × 75mm × The smaller the size of the 18mm floor, the stronger the deformation resistance. If you want to be long, you can choose the finger connected floor, which can reach 4000mm, and if you want to be wide, you can choose the integrated floor, which can reach 220mm. The back of the wide floor should have anti deformation grooves, and the groove depth should be more than one third of the floor thickness. If the floor is used for ground heating, it should be thin rather than thick, generally 8-12mm thick. The floor of King Yama is suitable in size and medium in length and width. And use the principles of physical mechanics to skillfully solve the worldwide problem of floor deformation. So that the floor is very stable in the process of use, without worries. II. The moisture content of wood floor is very important. The moisture content of the purchased floor must be consistent with the local balanced moisture content. When buying a floor, be sure to measure the moisture content. If there is no moisture content tester, don't buy a floor. The method of measuring the balanced moisture content is very simple. First, measure the moisture content of the purchased varieties in the exhibition hall, and then open the box to test the moisture content of the purchased varieties of wood flooring. If the moisture content difference between the two is only 1% - 2%, it is a qualified product. III. The processing accuracy tells consumers to use several floors to assemble on the ground to see whether the processing quality and accuracy are smooth and flat, whether the mortise and groove are matched, and whether the installation gap and anti deformation groove are assembled tightly. A good floor has precise workmanship, accurate size, flat edges and corners, and no height drop. Yamawang floor adopts the mechanical principle of anti arching and anti deformation to weaken the deformation stress and increase the joint surface of the splicing part, so that the stresses between the uneven interfaces offset each other. The mortise fits seamlessly. IV. whether the paint quality is bright or matte paint floor, when selecting, pay attention to observe whether the paint film on the floor surface is uniform, plump, bright and clean, without paint and other defects, and whether the bubbling, eyelet, and edge collapse phenomenon exceed the national standards. Yama King floor The wooden door plate is smooth and the paint quality is excellent. The imported paint painting technology is adopted. After painting, the appearance is harmonious and calm, the style is stable, and the overall effect is good after laying, so that the space is atmospheric without publicity, introverted without losing elegance. Applicable to bedroom, study and piano room, noble and elegant. V. the key is laying. As the saying goes, "three floors, seven floors". The solid wood floor is a semi-finished product before it is laid, so it must be constructed according to the scientific process in order to enjoy the beauty brought by the solid wood floor. It is suggested that whoever buys the floor should invite him to lay it, and try to visit the site supervision in person to avoid the mutual shirking of responsibility between the floor quality and the construction quality. So as not to cause economic losses and mental burden to consumers. Yama King floor Wooden doors provide door-to-door delivery and free installation services. After installation and use, Yama King floor Wooden door agents and dealers will call back or visit home to understand the installation and use of the floor, ensure the interests and satisfaction of users, and let customers worry free. Gao Xing, a famous flooring expert, also reminded consumers to pay special attention to the environmental protection performance of the brand when referring to how to identify and buy Flooring. Because many low-quality and low-cost brands cannot process flooring products with safe and environmentally friendly materials, resulting in a large number of formaldehyde and toxic and harmful substances residues, which may bring potential health hazards to infants and pregnant women. Therefore, when consumers buy, Be sure to check whether the product meets the environmental protection requirements. 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