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Osheno product application designers have already absorbed the trend color essence, and prepared a lot of the latest space cases to catch up with fashion for everyone, including living room, dining room, bedroom and other spaces. Catch this pile of dry goods immediately

in the bright spring of March, the girls began to get rid of their heavy coats and put on colorful early spring skirts. At the same time, the world's four major fashion weeks (Milan, Paris, London, New York) have also come to an end. Looking at these poker face models coming face-to-face wearing the latest autumn and winter clothes designed by major brands, it constantly demonstrates the designers' attitude towards fashion and the prediction of trend trends. Their aesthetic elements of clothing design, such as color, texture and collocation, will affect many design industries and even the design of home furnishings. You are about to prepare for decoration, or you want to transform your home to have some freshness, you might as well learn from the trends of fashion week. If you don't understand fashion, it doesn't matter. As a fashion goblin, Ou dada will immediately sum up the most practical fashion secret for you this year:

make good use of the "earth eating" color, and the high-end home is not out of date

(2019 Milan Fashion Week "eating soil" color system design)

(2019 autumn and winter London Fashion Week "eating soil" color system design of Roland Mouret show)

we used to use "eating soil" to describe poverty, but this "eating soil" is not "eating soil", but refers to various levels of caramel color and different grayscale colors, just like the feeling of color after rolling around the mound

(Pantone colors summarize some popular colors of 2019 New York and London Fashion Week, including a variety of gray "earth eating" colors)

it's really nice to see these colors on models! But how to use it in your own home to produce the best effect? Osheno product application designers have already absorbed the trend color essence, and prepared a lot of the latest space cases to catch up with fashion for everyone, including living room, dining room, bedroom and other spaces. Catch this pile of dry goods immediately

how to "eat dirt" in the living room

(the floor tile adopts the lifting antique brick: model oc17361-2; specification 600x600mm)

for the space with small living room area, it is better not to use too much force at the beginning when using the "eat soil" color system, that is, do not use darker colors in a large area. For example, in the living room above, only about 40% gray floor tiles are used to create the environmental color of the whole space. The sofa, chair and other furniture are dotted with medium gray cold color and warm color. The color control is flat, not too jumping, giving people a comfortable and quiet feeling

(the floor tile adopts rainbow agate, model scm21360120de; specification 1200x600mm)

the background wall with wood finish and embedded display cabinet are the main color of the space, and the floor tile skillfully uses the mosaic waveguide line with similar color as the echo, combined with the special stone texture of color red agate, it becomes a highlight of the space. If you lose the embellishment of these elements, the space will be regular and boring

(the floor tile adopts Luca (brown) model scs71290de; The specification is 900x900mm, and the mosaic in the living room adopts Kass geometric ceramic tile model scj00190is; 900x900mm)

the coherent living room and dining room adopt uniform color tiles and wall color matching, which shows a more holistic sense. The color of this living room is very bold: dark brown grey floor tiles, beige sofas and tiled areas form a sharp contrast. A large storage wall is filled with books. At a glance, it feels like a capable urban elite residence

(the floor tile adopts the lifting antique brick series, with a size of 600x600mm)

the warm xiaoquxing is probably the feeling of this living room. Linen sofa and Japanese paintings are exquisite and full of life. In the case of limited area, the floor tiles are dotted with some dark gray lines, which will guide the line of sight and strengthen the perspective and extension of the space

(the floor tile mainly adopts White House Beige model: skc20490m specification: 900x900mm)

now more new Chinese spaces love the method of emphasizing soft decoration and light hard decoration, bringing out the taste of Chinese style through simplified Chinese furniture. Originally, solid wood furniture has dark brown wood color, so it only needs to be slightly set off with light gray floor tiles or tawny on hard decoration

the restaurant has some "Earth", which is also very advanced

(the floor tile adopts impression coffee, model: elg70790s, specification: 900x900mm)

the rendering of white wall cabinet and space white wall is full of the flavor of minimalism. The decoration of high-grade sense lies in the light gray modern furniture and dark gray blue curtains

(the floor tile mainly adopts Carrara model: skb001120240s-1; specification 1200x2400mm)

European space gets rid of the sense of local tyranny. In addition to simplifying the stacking of hard lines, it is also the main way to introduce this gray color and break the traditional sense of form. In particular, curtains abandon the form of European traditional curtains, and use dark brown pure color cloth art to add a modern sense of mix and match to the space

(the floor tile adopts wave grey, model: skc10590s, specification: 900x900mm)

gray color can also be used to play tricks in addition to soft installation. The grey floor tiles of the waves have become the highlight of the space, such as the billowing waves, which bring a vivid and active feeling, breaking the regular design style that the restaurant is only attached to the living room

a good sleeping bedroom must be "earthy"

(the floor tile adopts Jersey model: elb32380s product specification: 800x800mm)

too high purity and too exciting colors will affect sleep, so "earthy" gray is the best application in the bedroom. The hostess's bedroom, which uses light grey purple as the background wall, is decorated with beige colored floor tiles and metal TV cabinets, bringing out an elegant and exquisite feeling

(the floor tile adopts Caesar (m) model: scs21390ie product specification: 900x900mm)

for the bedrooms of the elderly, due to their short sleep time or low sleep quality, the use of color needs to be more streamlined and unified to ensure that the visual senses remain quiet

(the floor tile adopts Roman Brown, model: elg71590s, specification: 900x900mm)

dark brown solid wood cabinet and Roman Brown floor tile are unified with each other, providing a background color for home textiles and furniture with bright colors

from the four major fashions to the latest home design scheme of Ou Shennuo, have you mastered the design trend of popular home? As a function of high-level color creation in space, the best brick of osheno this season was selected as the elevator cement brick

(some oushennuotila antique bricks and flower pieces accessories)




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