Lianglong diatom mud Chinese diatom mud background

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The long time old style is still regarded as a classic through the flow of years. Elegant and implicit Antique Chinese style feelings bloom in modern homes.

Chinese diatom mud room ・ amazing over the years is still

long time old style

through the flow of years is still regarded as classics

elegant and implicit antique

Chinese style feelings bloom in modern homes

intoxicating luster

bright dragon diatom mud, Twelve series

create Chinese style, new Chinese style

elegant, amazing, ancient poetry and ancient charm

exclusive Chinese beauty

bright dragon mud | Chinese living room

diatom mud Chinese style

antique scenery, poetry every word

Chinese aesthetics, deep artistic conception, cool and elegant, very rhyme

bright dragon mud | Chinese style | bedroom

diatom mud Chinese style

not only inherits from Chinese classical architecture in the context

more effectively integrates the aesthetic elements and spiritual needs of modern life

with its slowly flowing cultural temperament

shows the beauty of oriental charm

bright dragon mud | Chinese style | restaurant

diatom mud Chinese style

bright dragon mud | Chinese ・ teahouse

wind and cloud gap

you may as well put everything down

let the thought

experience the intoxication of landscape feelings

precipitate the gentle time of years

let the silk and bamboo disorderly ears

calm in the noisy world

bright dragon mud | Chinese style ・ study & Piano Room





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