There are many gifts for Chinese Valentine's day.

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Chinese Valentine's Day is a traditional Chinese Valentine's day. With a beautiful love story as the background, it adds more sweetness to this Valentine's day. How are you going to spend this warm holiday

about Tanabata

Tanabata Festival is a traditional Chinese Valentine's day. With a beautiful love story as the background, it adds more sweetness to this Valentine's day. How are you going to spend this warm holiday? Have you been looking forward to this festival for a long time? Today I'll tell you something you have to say about Tanabata

The origin of the Tanabata Festival is related to the folk story of Cowherd and weaver girl. Its earliest origin may be in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, such as the bookofsongs · Dadong: "wrestling with the weaver girl, seven Xiangs all day long. Although seven Xiangs are not a badge, looking at the cow and not recognizing the box." There is also the Ming Dynasty Luo Qi's "source of things" said: "King Huai of Chu first set Tanabata." However, the Tanabata Festival at that time was a sacrifice to Altair and Vega, and there was no later story. It was not until the Han Dynasty that its details were linked to the story of Cowherd and weaver girl, and officially became a women's festival. Such as the "custom communication" written by Ying Shao in the Eastern Han Dynasty: "the weaver girl's Tanabata when crossing the river, so that magpies are overseas Chinese." Another example is the "Xijing miscellany": "Han colored women often wear seven hole needles in the cardigan building on July 7, and they all learn it."

Valentine's Day

Tanabata day is China's Valentine's day. It is also called Qiqiao Festival, Qiqiao festival or Qijie birthday. Because of the traditional mythological color of Qixi Festival, Qixi Festival is also the most romantic festival in Chinese traditional festivals

ancient times paid more attention to the Tanabata Festival. Girls would put seasonal melons and fruits in worship, those with spouses would pray for more blessings and eternal companionship, and those who have not yet prayed for marriage from heaven

in such a special festival, of course, you should show your love to the people you love. A gift carefully prepared, a romantic dinner, and a thoughtful word will make people very moved in such a festival atmosphere. Of course, it's more exciting to plan for the future and build your own home on such a special day

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