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Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "13th five year plan" for the development of semiconductor lighting industry, pointing out that China has become the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of semiconductor lighting products. The "13th five year plan" is a critical period for China to change from a big country in the semiconductor lighting industry to an industrial power, and the change from an industrial power to an industrial power cannot be separated from the joint efforts of many enterprises. In this regard, baoenzhong, Secretary General of Shenzhen semiconductor lighting industry development promotion association, believes that the majority of lighting enterprises can make efforts from the aspects of model innovation, management innovation, technology innovation, product innovation and so on:

export growth is steady and there is progress

Model Innovation: at present, there are no more than four business models: Engineering, channel, OEM and interconnection. If an enterprise is difficult to survive only by engineering projects, it is under great financial pressure, and it is difficult to collect money, and the time cycle is long. "Going through channels" is monopolized by the original giants at home and abroad, such as Rex lighting, Opel lighting, OSRAM, Philips, etc. it is difficult for emerging LED manufacturers to break into the market. A few years ago, many enterprises "did not believe in evil" and spent tens of millions of funds on channel construction, which ended in failure

therefore, some enterprises have to retreat to the second place and do OEM for some well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad, that is, the so-called "OEM", earning some processing fees to barely survive. It is difficult for these enterprises to grow and develop, because they are subject to the volume of orders, and the profits are very low. The profits earned by brands are higher than the prices sold by OEM enterprises

in recent years, the Internet has developed rapidly, and some enterprises have embarked on the "Internet road" of safety nets. A large number of facts have proved that this is only a temporary excitement, because the product quality on the Internet is difficult to guarantee, the good and the bad are intermingled, and the fish are confused with the Pearl. After being deceived, consumers turn to physical stores. In my opinion, the business model of manufacturing enterprises should not be too single, but should be combined in various ways according to their own strength. In particular, it would be better to export, because there are many domestic manufacturing enterprises and the competition is cruel

Management Innovation: according to my many years of visits to enterprises and discussions with the main principals of enterprises, no matter how innovative the management is, we should adhere to the principle of being down-to-earth and realistic. We should not blindly imitate other people's nonsense. It must be determined according to the actual situation of our own enterprises, that is, the ancients said that "the Tao can be preached and the Tao is extraordinary."

I came into contact with some small and medium-sized business owners. After the enterprises reached a certain level, they found that their management ability was insufficient, so they actively studied. It is a good thing to learn while practicing, combine theoretical knowledge with the production practice of the enterprise, apply what you have learned, continuously improve and make progress, and the enterprise will slowly develop and grow. Enterprises must not advance by leaps and bounds and aim too high, so that they forget themselves and wither

technological innovation: the so-called key technologies are still in the upstream chips and their materials and equipment. There is still a certain gap between China and the United States, Europe and Japan. However, in terms of midstream packaging and downstream application products, China has achieved parity, especially in terms of application, production and manufacturing

chip enterprises should make great efforts in materials and chip preparation, strive to break through the bottleneck, and avoid the embarrassment that Chinese enterprises' use of chips is restricted by foreign enterprises' patent technology. Of course, in terms of midstream packaging and downstream manufacturing, Chinese enterprises still need to keep improving

product innovation: enterprises should constantly innovate in products, not always imitate traditional lamps, but break the old rules and highlight the characteristics of LED. The current lighting products are no longer limited to simple lighting functions. Therefore, they have a variety of functions. For example, they are combined with ventilator, integrated audio and integrated intelligent control system. Only when the products have characteristics can they be favored by the majority of consumers

in addition, an enterprise should not have too many product categories, and the biggest taboo is "seeking perfection through greed". Facts have proved that products that are specialized and refined tend to survive better. Only by doing what others don't have or what others have but not me can we win the market. When consumers say what thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials to buy, they will first think of your company

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