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On July 5, liubinjie, director of the General Administration of publication, and wangjianzhou, chairman of China Mobile Communications Corporation signed the memorandum of strategic cooperation to jointly promote the development of the digital publishing industry in Beijing, and launched the "New Youth handheld reading program". Zhongtianhua, general manager of China Mobile Zhejiang company, introduced the plan and explained the development of the current reading base. There are no unreasonable customers

"New Youth palm reading program" lasts from 2011 to april2012. It is directed by the publication administration and specifically undertaken by China Mobile. Providing platforms and channels, with the participation of publishing units, media and other parties, aims to promote the "four ones", namely, a dream bookstore, a "Reading Club" service, a series of new youth themed reading activities, and a reading ranking

at the end of 2008, China's "program" also tells us: "preschool education resources are everywhere. Mobile has started the construction of reading base in Zhejiang and is committed to building a new digital book distribution channel. In may2010, the reading business was officially commercialized nationwide. "In publishing 2. Special polyurethane rubber shock absorption suspension structure: with good shock absorption effect, under the guidance of the General Administration and the support of all parties, in just over a year, China Mobile has basically built a content platform with the largest number of genuine books in China. So far, it has gathered a total of 210000 high-quality contents, covering books, magazines, cartoons, pictures, etc., all of which are genuine books, covering more than 70% of the published list books and more than 95% of the original books. ”Zhongtianhua said

zhongtianhua said in his introduction that reading content operation has initially shown four effects. The first is the scale effect. By the end of June, 1140 books had been clicked more than 10million times on the platform, and the number of books ranked first was 1.23 billion times. Since charging in January2010, the revenue has exceeded 17million yuan

"the second is the long tail effect on flexible packaging enterprises. By the end of June, users had read 175000 books with more than 10 chapters, accounting for 79.8% of the total. At the same time, it also promoted the secondary release of classic books." Zhongtianhua said, "the third is the business innovation effect, which promotes the interaction among readers, authors and platforms. In June, users replied 480000 book reviews and 520000 messages to the platform, and the book reviews with the highest number of hits exceeded 55000."

the fourth is the media amplification effect. In 2010, there were about 500 books with a circulation of more than 50000 books, which has a huge room for improvement compared with the user scale of China Mobile. "Through SMS, MMS, mobile Internet and other composite communication means, China Mobile can expand the revenue of the digital publishing industry on the one hand, and drive the release of paper books on the other hand." Zhongtianhua said

it is reported that China Mobile Reading base has basically built the largest digital reading portal in terms of revenue in China, with more than 45million monthly full access users, more than 300million daily PV, and an average monthly revenue of more than 100million yuan, up from 130million yuan last month, an increase of about 5% each month. C114 China Communications

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