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The operation of outdoor LED display needs to consider "four problems"

before the installation and operation of outdoor LED display, we have to consider four problems, namely: the LED display is installed outdoors, the impact of ambient temperature on the outdoor LED display, whether it has been struck by lightning, and the direct sunlight on the outdoor LED display

1. LED display screen is installed outdoors

often exposed to the sun and rain, with dust cover blown by the wind and poor working environment. After the electronic high-frequency fatigue testing machine is equipped with corresponding test fixture, the equipment will be 1) wetted by tensile strength (maximum tensile stress) or seriously damped, which will cause short circuit or even fire, cause failure or even fire, and cause losses

2. Influence of ambient temperature on outdoor LED display screen

outdoor LED display screen will generate a certain amount of heat when it works. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the integrated circuit may not work properly, or even be burned. With the continuous promotion of the lightweight of the car, the display system will not work normally

3. Whether lightning strikes have occurred

the voltage of lightning is very high, which can reach 100million to 1billion volts. The damage caused by lightning to outdoor LED display is irreparable

4. Direct sunlight on outdoor LED display screen

outdoor LED display screen shall have a long sight distance and a wide field of vision; The ambient light changes greatly, especially it may be exposed to direct sunlight

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