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The design of materials in packaging continues

the aesthetic feeling of modern material art is changing people's aesthetic concept. The visual impact and shock brought by the creative and unique artistic charm of material design can not be ignored. Therefore, we can say that the proper use of packaging materials can not only strengthen the artistic effect of packaging, but also an important symbol of packaging quality

for packaging design, we generally adopt two different design methods: one is to design packaging according to materials, and the other is to design packaging shapes first, and then find materials according to shapes. No matter which method is used, the final goal is the same, that is, to transform materials into packaging. Different designers have different design styles, but materials are always an important design element. Only by choosing the corresponding expression method and skillfully injecting the material characteristics into the design, can we give full play to the unique charm of the material, so as to better serve the product and fully express the content of the product

in short, materials are the material carrier of packaging and the material basis to reflect the design idea. Materials are missing. Any perfect design can only become a fantasy like "the emperor's new clothes". Therefore, the choice of materials has become a prerequisite for the success of packaging, and with the help of appropriate materials, the creative style of packaging can be vividly displayed

III. application and overall expression of packaging materials

packaging design is first of all an art of materials, including natural materials and artificial materials. The vast nature provides us with endless and complex materials, from natural materials such as rough wood, rattan and bamboo, to artificial fine materials such as metal and glass, all of which have their own beauty. Artificial fine materials such as metal and glass are matched with natural coarse and heavy materials such as rough wood, rattan and bamboo. Metals such as glass reflect the accuracy and regularity of artificial materials through processing, while natural materials such as bamboo, wood and rattan replace clip materials to show human manual traces, transmit a kind of humanized things, and make people better integrate with nature. For example, a pair of glass wine bottle packages with transparent texture and exquisite bottle label printing. Please note that the ingenious design idea of this cork is neither a cork produced by machine processing, nor a common plastic or metal bottle cap. Instead, it uses a wooden cork that looks like it is cut by hand. The bottleneck is tied with hemp grass, and there is a beautiful hanging tag. This simple and exquisite contrast method makes us truly feel the romantic complex of returning to simplicity, and conveys to people the breath of nature, It shortens the distance between people and nature. Therefore, the packaging design of the combination of natural materials and artificial materials reflects the ingenious borrowing and comparison and the collocation of materials. It can embody a kind of texture contrast in a specific environment by combining ruggedness with delicacy, accuracy and extensiveness. Through the visual contrast of different materials, viewers can taste the details of different materials. This is the art of materials. To truly express the art of materials, designers need to carefully plan in the process of packaging design

from the discovery of the expressiveness of materials in human experiments, materials have injected indefatigable stimulants into human artistic creation in their rich forms, and packaging materials have thus become the language of design expression and the most direct conception medium for designers to carry out packaging design. The beauty expressed by packaging materials is not specific, but the use of different materials will produce different temperament

the use of some hard materials gives more space to show the beauty of materials. For example, the packaging of ordinary items such as food, dried flowers, soap, cards, cigars, etc. are all packed into boxes on the original wooden floor, equipped with exquisite flowers and exquisite buckles, so that the packaging is not ordinary, and even filled with a noble atmosphere. Simple materials, if carefully crafted and equipped with exquisite accessories, can completely transform into new faces. The company will inform the appearance and different temperament in advance. Another example is the packaging design of the red wine bottle. It is the most appropriate to put the red wine bottle on the stuffed thin hemp rope in the original wooden shaped box. It presents an idyllic and simple scene, which is fascinating. The ingenious use of these comprehensive materials not only expands the creative skills of designers, but also with the continuous development of packaging art, designers continue to explore the application of new materials in design, which increases the expressiveness of material beauty. At the same time, compared with hard materials and soft materials, soft materials make it easier for people to connect natural complex and social complex, so as to achieve spiritual satisfaction and happiness, and have a continuous honeycomb structure of heat insulation

in actual design, we can find many materials suitable for performance characteristics. Only by fully excavating the internal beauty of materials and using the beauty of materials in design, can we give full play to its use value. Packaging is actually the overall expression of materials, which depends on the designer's concept and the style of materials. In particular, the treatment of the material itself is a particularly important part of the overall expression of the material. Only through training can designers break away from the original level of creation and use professional vision and level to sort, combine, perfect and even apply the experience of abstract, fragmented, complex and unsystematic knowledge about beauty according to their own needs

the aesthetic characteristics formed by the physical attributes of different materials show the unique personality and connotation of materials from the visual or tactile language of color, texture, texture and so on. The application of different materials presents a diversified pursuit, which provides a broad creative space for designers, so that the design works show a rich aesthetic appearance. The design should be based on the specific requirements of specific commodities, and the typed style should be designed reasonably and purposefully, and the material language should be used to express the characteristics of commodities and the aesthetic feeling of packaging

with the continuous progress of material technology, we have the opportunity to apply contemporary new products and materials to packaging design. Pay more attention to the natural beauty of materials, excavate the expressiveness of materials, materialize materials in packaging design, develop the aesthetic characteristics of materials, and finally convey the thoughts of designers, which is the goal of packaging

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