Design of automatic control and monitoring system

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Design of building automatic control and monitoring system


building equipment automatic control system is the product of the combination of architectural art and electronic automation technology. It is a new technology that communication technology and computer network communication technology are perfectly popularized and applied to intelligent buildings

computer network is the combination of computer technology and communication technology, and it is also one of the most rapidly developing, widely used and influential technologies in recent years. The pace of the times has proudly entered the glorious 21st century. The technology of building equipment automatic control system is becoming the cornerstone of social information, and has developed at a rapid speed. It has penetrated into all aspects of social information network, and has brought great convenience to people's work and daily life

the building equipment automatic control system applies modern control components and equipment, queries the environment that people can't check in real time, and transmits the important scenes in all buildings to one or more monitoring system monitoring rooms for display, so as to timely observe and understand the disaster, monitor theft, record theft and related violent crimes in all kinds of unattended situations

system design scheme

the full set of video security monitoring and alarm system is composed of special circuits with different functions - camera part (equipped with alarm detectors, pickups and other components as required), transmission part, display and recorder, etc. In each part, there are relevant components and equipment to complete the relevant different combination functions. We will introduce them in detail below:

first, the camera part - the camera is the most cutting-edge component of the video security monitoring and alarm system and the "eye" of the whole system. Many cameras are arranged and installed in a specific location of the monitored site. The aeronautical engineers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have explored a new method of bonding the composite layer, so that its field of view angle can cover every part of the entire video security monitoring system. Sometimes, due to the large area of the monitored place, in order to save the capital investment of the entire "video security monitoring system" and simplify the transmission system, control system and display system, a camera with a remote-controlled variable focal length (zoom) lens is selected, and the camera is installed on the electric PTZ. Through the control of the controller, it is convenient for the PTZ to drive the camera to rotate horizontally and vertically, Thus, the camera can reach a large angle of view coverage and a large area of view coverage (8). Placing the sample in the center of the pad on the compact space movable table of the experimental machine is also large, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the camera

because the camera is the eye of the video security monitoring system, it can turn the monitored content into image signals and transmit them to the display in the control center for people to observe

design category of defense points:

1. If a ceiling integrated camera is installed in the center of the hall of a building - it installs the camera, lens, PTZ, decoder and other components in the hemispherical protective cover, and its appearance is beautiful and decent. It can rotate horizontally 360 and vertically 90 after installation. If the camera with six times three variable lens can enlarge and reduce the image, the activities of the people in the hall can be clearly observed at a glance

2. In addition, if a pinhole camera is installed in the elevator of this building, its concealment is quite good, and it can be easily connected with the floor display, which can correctly and clearly observe and record the actual situation of people entering and leaving the elevator when it is running

3. In the conventional passage of the building, ceiling mounted integrated cameras with low illumination can be installed, so that the faces and related activities of the people in the passage of the building can be seen clearly under the relatively dark light. Because it has the characteristics of concealment, it does not affect the beautiful and decent layout of the building

4. Around the building and in the green belt of the community, several outdoor dynamic scenic spots can be installed according to the actual situation. The applied components are all outdoor and omni-directional cameras, three variable lenses, PTZ, decoder, protective cover, etc. In this way, relevant personnel entering and leaving the building can observe and record. It should be noted that the parking lot, in particular, is a key prevention area

with this layout, all kinds of activities can be observed from the surrounding area of the building to all corners of the building (if necessary, you can also call the video data saved by the video recorder for inquiry)

II. Control part - the control part is the functional command center of the "full set of video security monitoring and alarm system", and the "brain" and "heart" of the whole system. The control part is mainly composed of the main console and related control components. The main functions of the main console are -

1, amplification and distribution of video signals

2, switching and distribution of image signals

3, correction and compensation of image signals

4, recording of image signals, etc.

5, remote control of cameras, electric zoom lenses, and cloud platforms (comprehensive and detailed monitoring and tracking of monitored scenic spots)

6 Deploy and remove the defense in the defense area of the "full set of video security monitoring and alarm system"

7. When there is an illegal intrusion in the monitoring defense area, the alarm signal is transmitted to the "general console", and the display shows the alarm defense area, linkage alarm signal, video recorder, front-end light, flashing light and other equipment

III. transmission part - the transmission part is the transmission path of image signals, sound signals, control signals and other signals of the "full set of video security monitoring and alarm system". At present, many projects of video security monitoring and alarm system adopt video baseband transmission mode. If the camera is far away from the "main console", optical fiber transmission or RF transmission can be used. Because the area of the conventional "building equipment automatic control system" is not very large, more video baseband transmission methods are used - 75 ohm video coaxial cable is used. The outstanding key requirements of applying this video baseband transmission method are: after the image signal passes through the transmission system of 75 ohm video coaxial cable, the domestic mines' natural environment is despicable, the altitude is high, the infrastructure is poor, the mining is difficult, the tailings treatment is difficult, and the production range is small. After the chrominance signal and brightness signal are not clear, the nonlinear error of the system increases significantly, and there is no obvious noise at the same time, Ensure that the clarity and gray level of the image signal output from the camera do not decrease significantly

IV. display and transmission signal recording part - this part is usually composed of multiple displays, long-time-delay video recorders and other equipment. In the "full set of video security monitoring and alarm system", the display mode of one video monitoring display corresponding to one viewfinder camera is generally not used for display, but the image signals sent by multiple cameras are sent through the picture splitter

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