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How much impact does the Huawei incident have on China Canada timber trade

recently, after seeing the news of Meng Wanzhou, insiders have been wondering whether the Huawei storm will have an impact on wood trade. After all, Canadian timber accounts for more than 20% of China's coniferous pulp timber imports, and the impact of every move on prices is obvious. As for the Huawei storm, insiders have the following analysis:

1. It should not have an impact, because such things are slow to be solved through economic and trade channels. China directly detains Canadian nationals, and some or some people will be more effective by adopting microcomputer control, LCD static display, motor 1 integration principle

2. The Chinese government has initially achieved remarkable results through a series of actions. Ms. Meng Wanzhou has been granted bail, and things are moving in a good direction

3. There are two possibilities for further development. One is that Canada releases people, which is an ideal result. It will not continue the struggle and will not affect the economy and trade; The second is Canada's extradition, which will be a protracted war, including debate in court and competition out of court. The time will be long, so the impact on Canada's timber trade will not happen in a short time

4. China is already a big country that dares to say and do, and Canada will also measure the result of the stalemate in its relations with China. The recent sharp fall in the share price in Canada means that the longer the Huawei incident drags on and ferments, the worse it will be for Canada

5. The prosecution of Ms. Meng Wanzhou is likely to be regarded by trump as the bargaining chip for the largest trade agreement negotiation in history. This is a despicable and dirty behavior, which is difficult to succeed

in conclusion, it is extremely inappropriate for Canada to detain Chinese citizens on normal business trips at the request of the United States. The Huawei incident witnessed the rise of China and also made the world see clearly the naked hegemonic face of the United States under the guise of human rights

at present, the Huawei incident should not have an impact on China Canada timber trade. LEGO said that if it did, it was estimated that it would be limited in the future

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