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How about starting parameter configuration glory 30 evaluation? How about glory 30

glory 30, which grows grass in a certain East, has been used for a period of time. Share your views and quotations on using this glory 30 for a period of time. The configuration is as follows for your reference

I. experience of glory 30:

this is really good. At first, I hesitated to buy, such as X10. Later, I chose this one. It has super fast response, powerful signal, super good self timer function, super fast charging speed, and very fast delivery. It took me half a month to comment on it. I bought the 30 youth version to give you a real evaluation of the performance I felt. I felt that Huawei glory is easy to use, loyal and small Light weight, high precision, easy to use and other characteristics. The more expensive it is, the better. The signal performance is stronger in all aspects

turn to more user comments on the details of advantages and disadvantages for the reference of friends in need

II. Glory 30 activity price: price: ¥ 2989 activity quotation link:

III. glory 30 configuration parameters:

Photo Effect: the photo is very clear, and the 50 times zoom is very awesome. The fonts in far places are very clear when photographed with zoom

running speed: the running speed is fast, the software is very fast, and the overall operation is smooth, Don't Caton

standby time: This is really great, and the standby time is long. Although the 985 slightly sacrifices the performance of Nike, Adidas, Chanel, 3star, Anta and other domestic and foreign first-line brands, it is still very power-saving

appearance: the appearance is very good-looking, the color is too good-looking, bulingbuling, Big font new trend

screen sound effect: the screen is a Samsung screen that Huawei's big brothers envy. Although the sound does not have dual speakers, the sound quality is still very good, transparent and free of noise

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