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How about the sound quality of the headset JBL tune220tws? Some East ¥ 999 hands-on use experience evaluation

this JBL tune220tws true wireless Bluetooth headset is a new headset, which is recommended by the evaluation. Later, some East ¥ 999 planted this headset, and talked about the feeling of using the headset JBL tune220tws for a period of time: try it on, it's very comfortable, there's no discomfort in your ears, and it won't be very uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time. It is convenient to connect two Bluetooth devices in succession. The effect of playing music is good, in line with expectations. The volume does not need to be very large. It is also good for the ears. The bass effect is very good. Overall, I felt very satisfied

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jbl tune220tws

I. JBL tune220tws headphones JD event price:

[tune220tws true wireless semi earphone new product launch, such as saving time, energy saving and reducing cost: advance payment of RMB 200 to establish a province] drying orders and giving a value of 499 yuan. JBL speakers are light and comfortable. Futures: Coke 1601, narrow amplitude oscillation, fashion and portability, multiple gifts, exclusive for the first launch, Book to enjoy 0 yuan lottery

deposit: ¥ 30.00 deposit can be worth 230.00 yuan

JD price: ¥ 999.00

JD activity quotation link:

jbl tune220tws

II. JBL tune220tws headset configuration parameters:

Product Name: jblten220tws

jbl tune220tws

III. JBL tune220tws headset other user comments:

I planted grass at the first sight. After comparing the same type, I tried it on, Still prefer this one. It's very convenient to wear, and it doesn't squeeze your ears. It's very firm to hang, and it's also very sensitive to touch. The connection of Bluetooth 5.0 is very fast, and the stability delay is very low. The charging box feels very good and is just the right size. It is commendable that the charging cable is double-sided USB, which can be plugged in both directions. Generally speaking, it is quite good, with perfect texture and sound quality

jbl tune220tws

it's very suitable to bring, the sound quality is OK, and it can be suitable for sports. The second biggest problem affecting the domestic construction quality is business, driving J) experimental software: Chinese Windows interface... It's suitable for many occasions. There are two suggestions. It's perfect to be able to apply type C instead of micro interface,; Then it's good to be able to use two headphones alone for relay endurance instead of having to rely on the connection of the right ear. In this way, the endurance of the two headphones will be greater, and half of them will have more opportunities to bring one. I feel good

jbl tune220tws

the order placed in the evening was received early in the morning the next day. It was convenient to connect with it, and the noise reduction function was also good. Listening to music in the subway was much better than a fruit, and it was not easy to fall off. I fell down on my bike at night, and the headset didn't fall off! But now my hand is so painful and swollen that I haven't slept all night! Nice headphones

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