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How about the functions of Huawei smart screen V75 75 inch TV? Evaluation experience at first hand

this Huawei smart screen V experimental machine enters the normal test state 75 75 inch Star Black 4K ultra high definition artificial intelligence LCD TV hege-570. The pressure welding surface of three test pieces is at the zigzag center point. It is recommended by the evaluation. Some East plant behind this Huawei smart screen V75, which has been used for a period of time. Share the experience of use: go to the mall to compare the display effect, start decisively, and it is worthy of Huawei, Speaking by the power of products, the operation is very humanized, and the experience of Hongmeng operating system is very good. Although Huawei is the first time to set foot in a large-size screen, its workmanship and display effect are first-class. It has strong bass and penetration when trying the stereo, and it has a sense of penetration when watching blockbusters. It is the pride of a national brand that Huawei has never been able to put into production

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Huawei smart screen V75

I. Huawei smart screen V75 JD price quotation:

Huawei smart screen V75 75 inch Star Black 4K ultra high definition AI LCD TV camera

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JD price: ¥ 12999.00

JD event quotation link:

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II.The Huawei smart screen V75 configuration parameters:

Product Name: Huawei smart screen V75

Huawei smart screen V75

comments from other users of Huawei smart screen V75:

Huawei smart screen adopts dark black color on the whole, which will show textured metallic luster in light. The product adopts an integrated seamless bending metal process design on the frame, which makes the product look very textured with the mirror sense of the frame, On the Huawei smart screen product itself, The highlight is "sound bar" "The professional sound system, equipped with 8+1+1 audio scheme and professional woofer + 1 passive radiator, can realize 6 independently controllable audio channels and 5.1 professional sound effects. The bass effect is particularly shocking, and it is not wrong in terms of detail expressiveness or distortion. Kirin processor, AI chip, Honghu smart display chip, etc., ensure the smoothness of operation in terms of hardware and software. In a word, it is a great product Products

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just dared to check in at his new home and bought this Huawei smart screen without hesitation (it's true that despite the opposition of his family? Now his family also likes it very much) reflects the wisdom of the smart screen in all aspects! The operation page is simple, the sound quality and picture are exquisite and lifelike, and there are no advertisements after starting the machine! (too conscience!) There are also video calls with family members, family photos taken together, family message boards, children's mode... Huawei smart screens can all be easily realized

Huawei smart screen v75

Huawei's first TV! Limited supply! Second grab! Yesterday's order arrived this morning! I absolutely admire JD! The installer is careful! The service attitude in communication is very good! Praise! High TV configuration! There are other high-tech Huawei brands in the market! And Huawei has a unique feature! There is a lift camera! WiFi video can be connected, but the coking plant has considered that the current market shipment situation has not improved, chat! A perfect shopping! The package of goods is intact! Fast logistics! Support Huawei! Support made in China

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