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Thinking of humanistic thought in modern packaging design (Part 2)

speaking of philosophy, the main trend of humanism in western philosophy and aesthetics has made great efforts to win the due territory and position for the human spirit from all aspects, and spared no effort to criticize the modern scientific rationality with mathematical logic as the leading content and subjective experience as the basis and basis, such as Croce, Freud Jung and others all pay attention to human emotions and life forms; The theoretical achievements of Husserl, Heidegger, etc. attack and break through the traditional science and logical rationality, discover and publicize the non scientific, non logical and non rational aspects in the spiritual field of human beings, and also make a modern development of the traditional humanistic spirit, criticize the modern epistemology based on Mathematical Science, and find its own epistemological and methodological foundation for philosophy and humanities, To become "science" and natural science, humanities cannot compete without its own epistemological and methodological basis. Modern Descartes' and Kant's philosophy is basically based on the epistemology of natural science such as mathematics and physics. Voltaire divided the world into two parts: nature and historical humanities, and proposed two corresponding Sciences at the same time; Natural science and spiritual science advocate that the scope of epistemology should be "expanded" to other fields of human culture, pay attention to epistemological functions such as language, mythology, religion, and artistic intuition, and find independent epistemology and methodology different from scientism, which will help humanities truly enter the palace of science and become a science that keeps pace with natural science. Design has both scientific and rational rigor and artistic romance; It has both the essence of western culture and the broadness of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese ideology and culture have a deep tradition of humanistic spirit since ancient times, but it is different from the Western emphasis on Natural Science and the promotion of the spirit of natural science. Since ancient times, China has attached importance to people's own spiritual activities, the experience of life state, and the implementation of humanistic spirit. China has always emphasized the spirit of Confucianism. Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism all advocate the concept of "the unity of heaven and man", and believe that nature and man are originally an inseparable unity, The world is closely related to human nature, human life activities, and the way of life, and it blends with each other. It pursues and experiences a realm of life and spiritual state in which human beings are in harmony with nature, cares about life, personnel, and pays attention to the inner spiritual realm

for example, Taoism in the pre Qin Dynasty tended to integrate man with nature; Lao Tzu advocated that "man can't measure accurately according to the earth, and the earth can follow the heaven, the heaven can follow the Tao, and the Tao can follow the nature". Chuang Tzu advocated nature and nature more, and provided the cultivation methods such as "sitting and forgetting, and heart fasting" to transcend the differences with nature; Confucius' theory of propriety advocates "overcoming the already restored propriety", and the goal is to make "the way of heaven in humanity" be fully realized. Mencius advocated "self-cultivation, thinking and dedication" to achieve the purposes of "knowing the sky" and "doing things about the sky". China's ethical elements are dominant and have a distinct ethical tendency. Since the development of history, the development of humanistic thought has been constantly improved. With the acceleration of the market economy system towards modernization, for China's development, including cultural development, in the long run, some manufacturers can only export the historical progress with maximum force value. In terms of the institutional nature of the market economy, it also has a negative impact on the construction of spiritual culture. Some phenomena of chasing high profits and high added value continue to appear, such as excessive packaging and packaging with toxic and harmful materials, which cause harm to society and mankind, It is also the loss and crisis of humanistic spirit in a sense to focus on the immediate small profits and lose the social heart and public ethics

2 aesthetic characteristics

packaging design needs a correct aesthetic view. The relationship between aesthetics and human spirit is that humanistic spirit is the soul of aesthetics, and design is to study human needs, product function needs and beauty needs. Beauty has never been a purely objective attribute concept unrelated to people, but is closely related to people all the time. People create beauty, and beauty is also an element of packaging design in addition to its function. If packaging does not bring people the enjoyment of beauty, then this commodity will lose its due value. People always realize their essential power in objective reality through their own practical activities. Beauty is the objectification of human essential power, Aesthetics is a typical human science, which runs through the humanistic spirit. However, it is necessary to put an end to the generalization of aesthetics in the market economy. The generalization of aesthetics not only reduces the style and taste of aesthetics, but also fundamentally removes the soul of the humanistic spirit of aesthetics, so that aesthetics only turns around the appearance of "things", but forgets the human, human nature, and human essential power behind things, and forgets the humanistic spirit, which cancels aesthetics itself in realization. The highest level and dominant tendency of any nation or era always embody the depth and breadth of the humanistic spirit of aesthetics in that era, and attach importance to practical aesthetics, because it runs through a more distinctive and complete humanistic spirit, is less one-sided, and absorbs more reasonable factors of other schools. Design aesthetics should go beyond the utilitarian purpose of commercialization, fully carry forward the humanistic spirit, and make commodities not kitsch. The application of aesthetic appreciation should not be to give sensory pleasure and mystify, so that consumers can enjoy high-quality spiritual connotation from inside and outside the goods. Malos believes that aesthetic activities are based on cognitive activities reaching a certain level, that is, rational cognitive factors are contained and accumulated in the form of perceptual emotional activities. It is not simple and intuitive, but requires a certain level of understanding and culture. Aesthetics is an inevitable higher level in the common structure generated by human history, and it is a higher-level universal need of mankind. It is a universal psychological feature of human beings and the common emotional experience of human beings. As a consumer, the aesthetic needs should be combined with the object of beauty

contemporary packaging design should find the point of convergence between science and humanities, rise from the simple basic functional needs to a profound humanistic thought, give consumers some humanistic care, make products and packaging better serve people together, and more reflect the breadth and depth of culture. The concept of big design and simple process should go beyond the appearance, feeling, experience Realistic creative activities free human aesthetic consciousness from the narrow frame of daily experience, experience the eternity of universe and life in the era of high-tech information, better combine "the practice of implicit structure of free structure theory" with "the practice of explicit structure of experience understanding", and create an environment that can meet the dual needs of human spirit and material

- 3. The interfaces on the controller correspond to Wu Dan one by one (Associate Professor of international art and Design College of Dalian Foreign Languages University, Dalian 116002, Liaoning)

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