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How about Vitamix advanced tnc5200? Vitamix advanced tnc5200 comments on Vitamix wall breaking cooking machine hot selling model recommendation: vitamix/Vitamix advanced tnc5200 wall breaking multi-functional cooking machine imported from the United States Chen Yueqing, the following collection of how this Vitamix wall breaking cooking machine is like Vitamix advanced tnc5200 comments and introductions, to share with you for your choice and reference

introduction to vitamax advanced tnc5200 wall breaking multifunctional cooking machine: the real wall breaking cooking machine has the effect of breaking plant cells and releasing several times of nutrition. It has been certified by FDA and is a necessary tool for health preservation recommended by Chen Yueqing. The voltage of genuine licensed goods is 220V, and the warranty period is 7 years. The oil circuit system has severe oil leakage or oil pipe rupture. The refined type has comprehensive functions and higher cost performance

vitamax advanced tnc5200 wall breaking multi-function cooking machine comments from friends:

1. It's good to try it once. The food tastes very delicate, and it's much better than the ordinary cooking machine

2. The taste of pitaya, banana, cereal and comprehensive nuts is more delicate than that of ordinary cooking machines. There is almost no granular slag. I've also tried ice cream. The first time I feel grainy, the second time I play ice cream is much better. Still groping. I beat apples and milk again, but there are still fine dregs

3, great! But most of my family just imitates leather. Every hydraulic universal experimental machine belongs to precision instruments. Tiandu drinks energy soup, and then learns to make it according to books. It tastes great

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