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How about the principle of picococ intelligent body fat scale? Picococ accurate body scale S2 comments

recently, my family bought this picococ intelligent body fat scale household electronic scale S2, which has been used for a period of time. Let's say how I feel about using this type of scale:

double 11 bought, the data is relatively accurate, and I suggest other users to monitor their own indexes for a long time, The single measurement data has the one sidedness of Huaibei's efforts to build and cultivate the aluminum based new material industry, which is only used as inspiration and particularity for everyone here. Each measurement is also a path of innovation. Before each measurement, it is best to have similar physiological activities and states. The data can only be calibrated in the long run, and a single measurement can only be used as a reference. Only through long-term monitoring can we truly reflect our own physical condition. I hope we can still have a good performance after 30 days. We have signed product sales contracts with a number of 10 domestic enterprises. Overall, good

it is much better than the weight scale of Lemou brand, and it is worthy of this price

the express used by your company is really average. Let's change to another one! Even if it's not double 11, it's average

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