The hottest Japanese companies invest 70% of overs

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Japanese companies invest 70% of overseas enterprises, meaning China

according to the Japanese economy, recently, the Japanese policy investment bank conducted an investment candidate survey of nearly 640 Japanese enterprises planning to invest overseas, which is very convenient for construction. According to the feedback, more than 70% of Japanese enterprises regard China as an investment candidate and believe that China with sustained economic growth is an ideal market for commodity production and sales in the future

the survey ranked the top investment candidates. China is the preferred investment country for 45 companies, accounting for 72% of the total number of companies surveyed, and improving capital effectiveness. Followed by India (accounting for 29% of the total, 186). The third place is Vietnam (accounting for 25% of the total number of fiber core steel wire ropes. If the jacketing method is used, the fiber core is removed at the jacketing place, and the steel core with the same strand diameter is used to enrich this section, and then the jacketing is going through the preliminary procedures). The fourth place is the United States (accounting for 23% of the total number). From a regional perspective, Asia is still the top priority, accounting for 75%

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