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Asahi Kasei of Japan will close the spandex plant in the United States

Asahi Kasei of Japan said on August 6 that it would close its spandex plant in bushpalk, South Carolina, in October this year. The reason is that for a long time, the weak market demand for spandex in the United States has led to the product being unable to sell at a high price, while the cost of raw materials has been rising. Although the company has made efforts in many aspects, this part of its business has not improved at all and can only be abandoned. A spokesman for the company said: "after many efforts, we finally found that the demand of the U.S. market is difficult to change. In this case, it is obviously unwise to continue to invest in this part of the business of pellet pressure testing machine."

it is understood that Asahi Huacheng purchased this part of spandex assets from Langsheng company, which was spun off from Bayer company in 2005. In the early 1990s, the market demand for high-performance spandex tended to be strong, especially DuPont's spandex fiber with Leica as the trade name and Bayer as the conditions for the project to sign a formal agreement. Dorestan's spandex fiber with dorestan as the trade name was widely respected in the industry. Bayer's Spandex plant in dormagen, Germany, has insufficient capacity to meet the market demand. Therefore, the company invested in building another spandex plant in bushpalk, South Carolina

however, the high-performance spandex business in the United States has been subject to strong competition from Asian manufacturers since the establishment of the plant. DuPont sold its related fiber business to Koch industries in 2004, while LANXESS entered into a transaction with Asahi Kasei. At that time, the CEO of LANXESS admitted that this part of business has been transferring to Asia with the textile market for many years

after Asahi Kasei company took over the busyparker spandex plant from LANXESS company, it failed to make much progress in the business of the plant. After finding that the market demand for spandex in the United States was weak, Asahi Huacheng first reduced the number of employees in the factory from 190 to 160, and then tried to further reduce the cost of this part of the business, but the market demand has not improved

it is reported that Asahi will continue to maintain its spandex business in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China and Thailand. Asahi Huacheng takes Luo Yiche (R, who also plays a leading role in the development of polymotor 2 of all plastic (and composite) internal combustion engine, capable of manufacturing 2million tons of pbboica) as its trade name of spandex

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