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A Japanese company has developed a new bottle type metal can

recently, Yamato canning company in Japan has developed a new type of food and beverage concrete packaging -- a new bottle type metal can with good compatibility with PVC resin

the new bottle type metal can is made of a single aluminum alloy material, using the composite technology of three piece metal can, the curling and capping technology and the deep stamping technology of two piece can to make the can body. PET film material is compounded on the material surface, that is, the inner and outer surfaces of the can body; The inner surface of the bottom cover is also added with composite PET film, and the outer surface is coated with pet; The bottle cap is coated with low-density pet, and the outer surface is printed and coated. In this way, the inner surface of the new bottle type metal can avoid contact with the contents, and there is no need to use various coatings traditionally used in metal cans

a major feature of the new bottle type metal can is that it not only has the advantages of narrow bottle type drinking mouth (the drinking mouth has threads and can be equipped with screw caps), re sealing, easy to drink and other pet bottles, but also has the characteristics of good oxygen resistance, barrier property and light protection of the metal can. Its structural design has three characteristics: the new drinking mouth is very attractive in the market, the appearance is easy to drink, and there is no need to pay attention to the direction when drinking. The new bottle type metal can also has advantages in content and environmental protection: because it uses metal as the main material, it has excellent barrier and preservation; The recycling of aluminum alloy is good; The inner surface of the container is covered with PET film, without the environmental hormone problem of bisphenol; Due to the composite of PET film on the inner and outer layers of the tank, no waste water and waste liquid will be produced in the process of tank making, which has good environmental protection. In addition, the weight of its 500ml can is only about 60% of that of heat-resistant pet

the new bottle type metal cans are divided into three specifications: 500 ml, 450 ml and 350 ml. The metal can can be used for beer and aerated positive pressure products filled with carbonated gas, hot nitrogen filled products such as tea, sports drinks and fruit juice, as well as wine packaging. At present, I hope I can help you! 450 ml beer has been on the market

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