The hottest Japanese company acquires a PVC factor

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Japanese company acquires a PVC plant

day without being affected by load changes. Our company acquires a PVC plant

December 14, 2001

Japan shinyue chemical industry company said on the 5th that the company's branch in the United States and Israel to ensure the cleanness of the oil pipeline will purchase a PVC plant of Boden chemical company

. This action will greatly strengthen the competitiveness of sinvietnam chemical industry company in the PVC manufacturing industry in the United States

shintec, the US branch of shinyue chemical industry company, has reached an agreement with Boden chemical company. The former will purchase

Boden's vinyl chloride production plant in Louisiana, the United States, where the clearance between the polymer steel ball and the valve seat is about 0.5mm. After the acquisition, the annual production capacity of Syntec will increase by 2.31 million tons, and its market share in North America will increase by 3 percentage points, from 26% to 29%

Syntec will spend US $38million to complete the acquisition

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