80000 sun exposure to create poly Lafite European

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Friends who like American dramas must also have a deep impression of the protagonist's room - gorgeous and elegant. Elegance reveals nobility, and depth reveals luxury, with strong cultural feelings and historical connotation. Today, Xiaobian will take you to experience how the owner of poly Raffi used 80000 to build a 2-room European and American style

decoration owner files: Decoration community; Poly Lafite (more decoration renderings of poly Lafite community) decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) decoration cost: all inclusive 80000 decoration style: European and American style decoration house type: 2 rooms and 1 hall more decoration renderings

the design lines of the living room are very smooth, simple, revealing atmosphere, and the purple sofa is more expensive. The carpet with large brown flowers gives people a very solemn feeling. The white seat makes the whole space look bright, and it has a good grasp of the style of European and American customs

the TV wall uses elegant wallpaper, which looks very soft and matches the whole room style. The choice of furniture color is very important. You have to choose elegant ones. White is the best choice, which will make the whole space look very harmonious

the layout of the bedroom is very warm and romantic. The wine red table lamp creates a romantic atmosphere, which makes the atmosphere of the whole room very relaxed. It seems that some small furniture can also play a good decorative effect. A few bottles of red wine are placed on the stool at the end of the bed, so that the owner can have a drink before going to bed. It is also good for sleep, and life can be so enjoyed




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