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After years of development, the wardrobe industry has also achieved a qualitative leap in development. In recent years, the development of the market is extremely hot, and more wardrobe brands continue to emerge. 2017 is still the golden period for the development of the wardrobe industry. The wardrobe should dare to innovate and leap forward, strengthen the operation of the brand, and increase the "soft and hard" comprehensive strength of the enterprise. In this way, it can achieve corresponding good development. Overall wardrobe brand Deville: wardrobe enterprises must not miss the opportunity of transformation

wardrobe enterprises should be better combined with finance and capital

in 2017, China's economy will further decline. Coupled with the impact of the Internet and consumption transformation and upgrading, the wardrobe industry will face unprecedented challenges. In the new situation, only by becoming bigger and stronger can wardrobe enterprises survive in the tide. In the period of economic downturn, the core secret of the new countermeasures of wardrobe enterprises is to form the core competitiveness of enterprises with high-quality products and services, and build excellent business models and professional enterprise teams. Under the background that China's macro-economy has entered the capital era, daring to open capital and combining enterprises with finance are also important development paths for wardrobe enterprises in the real economy

wardrobe enterprises are about to enter the stage of rapid differentiation

the wardrobe market will enter the stage of rapid differentiation in 2017. The so-called rapid differentiation means that all enterprises and products that do not meet the functional construction will be gradually eliminated. In the context of supply side structural reform, wardrobe enterprises need to improve rapidly. The improvement is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, quality improvement. Wardrobe consumption has shifted from price consumption to value consumption. High quality and high value-added products are increasingly favored by consumers. They are refined in quality and strive to transfer overseas consumption to domestic consumption. 2、 To improve customized services, customization here means that on the one hand, wardrobe enterprises need to constantly customize and improve services according to consumer needs, and on the other hand, enterprises should closely follow the current customization trend and provide users with personalized and professional products and services

aiming at precise demand and strengthening the brand management concept of wardrobe

in 2017, the wardrobe market was basically in a stable state in terms of demand. Driven by the supply side reform and structural reform, wardrobe enterprises need to aim at the effective market demand, reduce production capacity and inventory. At present, there are several characteristics in the wardrobe Market:

first, the demand for high quality, branding and personalization is increasing. For example, consumers' awareness and expectations of environmental protection, design, value-added and other aspects have driven the demand for solid wood wardrobes to increase

second, services show multi-level demand, such as financial consumption demand. In order to enable consumers with different income levels to enjoy better products, enterprises can launch "use before consumption", or try loan services, installment services, etc

third, with the combination of online and offline, wardrobe enterprises need to make full use of informatization and Internet to share the dividends brought by informatization in taking advantage of the advantages of traditional stores

for current wardrobe enterprises, brand development is the sword of fate for enterprises to face pressure, and a * means to deal with various market changes and policy changes. Brand is a psychological dependence, psychological hint, and even self reflection of consumers. For developing enterprises, 2017 is more an opportunity. Most of them have a good capital chain, complete knowledge results and matching management and control mode. In this environment, building a wardrobe brand has become a heaven sent opportunity. At present, when the market recovers, the wardrobe enterprises with proper grasp will have a blowout trend and become industry leaders with great momentum. Wardrobe enterprises that are transforming into tuyeres should not miss a good opportunity

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