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As a place to feel warm at the first time after returning home, it is also an area that gives visitors the first impression. The decoration of the porch should not be underestimated, and it should be designed according to different house types to create a dedicated porch space. Of course, many users will also place some furniture here to provide more convenience for our life. How can the porch furniture be cleverly arranged? Now let's go and have a look with Xiaobian, hoping to provide some help for your dress up

how to skillfully arrange the porch furniture

1. If the specification of this area is large enough and you want to emphasize the decoration in the decoration, you can choose some large wall tables to make the whole home decoration more elegant, and in addition, you can have a noble sense of richness

2. If you pay more attention to practicality, you can customize a set of vertical clothes rack according to the layout and actual specifications, which can not only have a powerful storage function, but also have more storage space, and make it more convenient for owners to change clothes when entering and leaving the door, making the whole family more tidy and orderly

3. For the entry area with narrow specifications, if you want to highlight the practicality, you can choose a simple shoe cabinet and match it with a small stool with unique shape, which is very suitable. When changing shoes in and out of the door, you can sit on the stool without bending down

4. Some users like to place some small decorative tables in the opposite wall area of the door. The narrow table top stands against the wall, which is particularly suitable for families with small specifications but exquisite mood. If a mirror or painting can be hung on it, coupled with decorative wall lamps, the effect will be better

what are the functions of the porch design?

this area is the first place to see after the door is pushed. It has the effect of making the finishing point in the whole dress up, and it is also the keynote of the whole home decoration style. Of course, it also plays a certain role of visual barrier. It does not leave a complete view of the interior as soon as you enter the door, effectively ensuring the privacy and concealment of the owner. In addition, it has a great storage effect, and becomes an excellent dressing, shoe changing The place where umbrella bags are put

what are the layout of porch furniture?

1. Lobby style: preserve the sense of space

this layout is very common in many house types. The passageway is set on both sides, and the lobby area formed in the middle looks very atmospheric and solemn, but it is not suitable to place large shoe cabinets here, and the sense of space should be preserved, so as to be more comfortable and clean

2. Shadow wall style: make use of the advantages of the wall

this style maximizes the conversion of the wall into advantages, with the shielded cabinet as the main component, supplemented by symmetrical or asymmetric shelves on the left and right sides or in the middle, so that the space at the entrance can achieve the effect of both beauty and practicality

summary: the article is about the knowledge of how to skillfully arrange the porch furniture. I believe that all friends have a further understanding of how to skillfully arrange the porch furniture. Of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, you are welcome to consult the editor at any time





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