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Being good at dressing up and managing your home in such a style is not only beautiful, but also hides your aesthetics and self-restraint

I attended a high school reunion last week, which is definitely not what you expected or guessed. I have a beautiful experience, although we have indeed changed a lot after 10 years. Some people used to have short hair and now have long hair and shawls, some people used to be thin and small, and now they are plump, some people... Of course, the most impressive is the spicy mother who gave birth to a baby and was less than 2 months old, Xiao pan. With exquisite makeup and decent clothes, you can't see that you have just given birth to a child

Xiao pan is an "alternative" girl, who often shares her exquisite life and artistic creation in the circle of friends. It is said that she was admitted to the obstetric hospital a week before the due date of delivery. In order to welcome the precious arrival of her, although she walked hard, she went to the flower bird fish market to find what she wanted, and dressed up the delivery room, which was very warm. Sitting in confinement is also "unwilling to be lonely" to find logs, saw them into pieces, and then add their favorite elements to make small works of art. We have long wanted to see how she loves and sticks to life today

she was accompanied by her husband. Her sweet care and behavior told us that her life was satisfied and happy, and she really envied us all. Xiao pan also told us that she now takes care of her baby full-time. In order to make life more interesting, she will also do some handicrafts when she is free, and warmly invited us to her home

when we were invited to her house, the first feeling when we entered the door was a clean, tidy, simple and clear decorative style. A light blue curtain, a few green leaves are deliberately hung on the window lattice, and some small goldfish are swimming quietly in the fish tank on the windowsill

the light outside the window fell on the hollow tea table and the gray soft sofa in the living room, and several magazines were placed loosely under the tea table. On the dinner table, a bunch of fresh stars are inserted in the vase, which is particularly eye-catching. Handmade small handicrafts are properly placed, which makes people feel a good feeling of time. She held the child over to show us, and then turned the light to a warmer color, or she was afraid that too bright would hurt the child's eyes. This is a woman who really lives a delicate life. She is unambiguous about her image and her family is so tasteful. Why doesn't this kind of woman let men prefer? At present, the prevailing minimalist style, she played it right, of course, this is a love of life

being good at dressing up and managing your home in such a style is not only beautiful, but also hides your aesthetics and self-restraint

some people say that when you gently knock on the door, please tidy up your emotions, because at that moment you will affect the feelings of people in the room. Or someone is sitting in the living room waiting for you to return. A woman who loves life will not only dress up herself, but also tidy up her home, so that the people who come home will have attachment to you and never want to leave you again. Don't want to leave home

how do women who love life and live "delicately" dress up at home

a few simple color murals echo the delicate illustrations on the tea table, and the metal frame of the ceiling lamp is in harmony with the three-dimensional tea table. The comfortable and soft fabric sofa is cleverly embedded in the cabinet on the wall, which saves space and is practical. Simple and casual style, like the natural feeling, romantic and elegant

the main color of warm white, dotted with metallic color and black, is not abrupt at all. The addition of metallic color avoids the monotony of black and white, but reflects a unique modern beauty. The barrier free connectivity of the living room and the tea restaurant makes the whole space broader and more atmospheric

blue always makes people daydream and feel relaxed, like the boundless sky and sea. This is a sea of knowledge. You can learn knowledge and have a rest. The storage grid design of the bookshelf can well classify all kinds of books. The simple desk color echoes with the murals and curtains on the wall. A desk, a chair and a book can always satisfy people in a lazy afternoon

the bedroom is the most happy and safe place. Even in today's fast-paced world, it occupies at least 5/3 of people's day.. The minimalist sense of lines and three-dimensional sense make people abandon distractions and trivialities. The main color of warm white is matched with deep-sea blue, and lively yellow becomes the finishing touch. Or lean on the cushion and look far through the window, which makes you feel relieved and at ease, like lying under the blue sky and white clouds

a woman who pursues a delicate life is always adorable and warm, which is what men dream of. If it's me, me? I am willing to follow her from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the study, with a sunny smile on my face, accompany her for three meals a day, and go to the future with her through rain and snow





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