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The quality of "Taizhou made" plastic tableware and kitchenware products has been further improved.

sword dancing frost throwing knife is cold, and the cold light moves China at a moment. In Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, the sword of plastic tableware and kitchenware industry has finally emerged after five years of tempering. It must be pointed by the sword and invincible. According to statistics, from 2008 to 2012, Taizhou's exports of plastic tableware and kitchenware increased by more than 20% annually. In 2012, the export volume reached US $350million, accounting for 14.1% of the country's total exports of such products. The export volume surpassed Foshan, Shunde, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Quanzhou and other regions in Guangdong, ranking among the top in the country. The industrial export growth level led the export of various industrial products under its jurisdiction, Taizhou's position as the main production area of plastic tableware and kitchenware has been further consolidated

from January to February this year, Taizhou exported 3518 batches of such products, 12967.6 tons and a value of 49.435 million US dollars, an increase of 32.75%, 25.39% and 32.37% respectively year on year. In 2012, the unit value of the product also rose to US $3.81 per kilogram for the first time, far higher than the national average of US $3.2 per kilogram. The quality of Taizhou made plastic tableware and kitchenware products was further improved. After 5 years of industry renovation and cultivation, the transformation and upgrading of Taizhou Plastic Tableware and kitchenware industry has achieved initial results, and the industry has stepped into the road of benign and sustainable development

renovation period:

if you want to standardize the industry, you must first standardize it.

for a long time, relying on the advantages of Taizhou mold industry development, the grass-roots economic business model of one room, two machines and three pairs of molds to create plastic tableware and kitchenware broke through the ground, and then quickly spread in the area like mushrooms, and the industrial capacity gradually formed. However, the "three noes" products, which have no bottom line in procurement, no process in production and no quality control, account for half of the country, just like cancer after cancer endangering the healthy development of the industry. Problems such as difficult to improve the product grade and low quality and safety level of the enterprise directly lead to extremely low product profit margin, lack of sufficient profit space for the enterprise, and difficult to maintain healthy development. The industry is in an embarrassing situation of survival in the cracks, and is struggling

in September, 2007, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) announced that the plastic tableware and kitchenware products would be included in the statutory inspection. In the face of weak quality awareness, flawed quality control system and numerous hidden quality and safety risks, Zhejiang Taizhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau was ordered to immediately implement inspection and supervision on the export of plastic tableware and kitchenware products under its jurisdiction. The collection of product standards in the importing countries was not comprehensive The product standard collection channel is not unblocked, and the inspection supervision can be divided into: low cycle fatigue test, high cycle fatigue test tube mode is not determined, the understanding of testing methods is inconsistent, and the control of product quality risk points is not in place, all of which test the law enforcement ability of the inspection supervision department; At that time, it was the consensus of each front-line inspection personnel to strengthen their own law enforcement norms and ensure the orderly development of the industry. Taizhou Bureau increased the collection of domestic and foreign standards for various products and materials, actively developed internal management norms to clarify product on-site inspection, sampling inspection, customs clearance and release, strictly unified law enforcement standards to ensure the credibility of inspection and supervision law enforcement, and prepared internal industry management manuals to ensure the standardized implementation of inspection and supervision work. At the same time, we strengthened the regulation of industry norms, resolutely put on record a number of illegal, illegal and credit violation cases, relying on the technical support of the food contact materials testing technology center, we carried out high-frequency testing on exported plastic tableware and kitchenware products, and resolutely refused to export products that failed to meet the testing standards, so as to safeguard the vital interests of legitimate and honest operators and improve the overall level of industry self-discipline. The carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by 270 kg in one year. After more than two years of industrial renovation, the unqualified level of plastic tableware and kitchenware in Taizhou has also decreased from 13.6% in early 2007 to 8.7% in 2009. Some enterprises have gradually established the awareness of quality and safety, further strengthened the industrial norms, and step by step into the track of fair, just and orderly development

cultivation period:

help in every detail focuses on quality and benefit

low technical level, small enterprise scale and scattered production capacity layout have always been a hard injury to the development of Taizhou Plastic Tableware and kitchenware industry. In addition, increasingly strict technical trade measures abroad have led to frequent product notification, return and claims; The blocked collection of laws, regulations, technical standards and other information and the low level of production technology led to the widespread phenomenon of blind production of enterprises. The development of enterprises was in an embarrassing situation where there was no way to go before and there was a chase after them. The hard work of the boss and the stagnant development of the enterprise had become the epitome of the development of enterprises under the jurisdiction at that time. Is not enough effort? Bad luck? The plastic tableware and kitchenware enterprises are in deep thought

no, it is the plastic tableware and kitchenware enterprises that have made a directional mistake. The development of the enterprise does not depend on how cheap our products are sold or how many processes are saved in our production process, but on the quality of the products and the efficiency of production. Taizhou inspection and quarantine personnel put forward such a conclusion. On the one hand, they sent policies, technologies and information to more than 300 enterprises under their jurisdiction, prepared the technical manual on safety and quality of products in contact with exported food and distributed it to enterprises free of charge, requiring enterprises to clarify the inspection and testing requirements of various products exported to their own markets and do a good job in source control, encouraging them to strive to improve the product grade to meet the requirements of the high-end market; On the other hand, the company publicized the advanced quality management concept to the enterprise by holding industry meetings, quality analysis meetings, organizing visits and learning, etc. the natural corn extract was used as the raw material in the car room, and went to the machine head to guide the raw material procurement, production process, product inspection and other links of the product, so as to improve the quality level of the enterprise

at the same time, taking the opportunity of classified management, the Bureau actively promoted the first-class enterprise cultivation plan, double hundred support, special quality improvement and other assistance activities, helped more than 100 enterprises to establish quality management systems, introduced advanced management concepts, sorted out various production factors and implemented documentation and systematization, so as to improve the operation efficiency and quality level of enterprises. From 2010 to 2011, 6 enterprises passed the first-class assessment of food contact products by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, The unqualified rate of export products has been further reduced. The enterprises have basically established the quality subject consciousness, and the internationalization of quality control ability has been further improved. Many enterprises have successfully passed the factory inspection of international traders, and have been approved by large purchasers such as Disney and Wal Mart. The quality awareness and quality control level of the industry have been further improved

breakthrough period:

gradually optimize production capacity and burst out core power

after four years of renovation and assistance, Taizhou Plastic Tableware and kitchenware industry has begun to take shape, with an annual export volume of US $300million, more than 400 enterprises, and a significant improvement in product quality and safety. But at the same time, with the rapid rise of raw materials and labor costs, and the depression of developed economies such as Europe and the United States, the development of enterprises is facing a crisis again. Taizhou enterprises that have experienced ups and downs understand that the only way to survive is to face difficulties and seek breakthroughs. Taizhou Bureau actively encourages enterprises to implement product transformation and upgrading and business model adjustment. At the same time, it cooperates with local governments to strengthen industry quality guidance and jointly formulate all-round assistance policies to encourage enterprises to improve business quality and efficiency

at present, 439 enterprises in Taizhou have respectively determined their export product positioning. More and more enterprises are dedicated to the professional production of disposable tableware, kitchen boards, kettles, insulation barrels, children's products and other products. Professional production not only saves a lot of mold opening costs for enterprises, but also improves production efficiency. It also makes it possible for enterprises' technological innovation, equipment innovation and skill upgrading. Many enterprises have added high-speed machines, introduced manipulators The establishment of the assembly line has greatly improved the production efficiency and reduced the employment cost, and gradually increased the product profit. The annual export volume of the disposable tableware and kitchenware industry in Taizhou area reached 70million US dollars. The oil pump work should be interrupted in. The increase in production value still exceeded 20% without increasing the number of personnel, and the production efficiency increased by more than 30%. The industry development no longer relied on the advantage of labor cost, but turned to the advantage of comprehensive benefits of various production factors, and the optimization of industrial capacity achieved initial results

specialization has improved the quality level and production efficiency of products, while the development and production of new products has improved the degree of integration between the industrial base and the international demand for plastic tableware and kitchenware. The application of new products, new designs and new materials has gradually become the core power of Taizhou Plastic Tableware and kitchenware industry. Taizhou Bureau escorts the development and production of new products through technical support, information sharing and other means. On the one hand, it determines the product testing conditions according to the product production process and use purpose, and provides the testing and analysis data of safety projects in the whole process of product development, pilot test and production, so as to ensure that the new products can meet the requirements of laws and regulations of the importing country; On the other hand, according to the new materials and service conditions used in the products, analyze the material properties of the products and the potential risks in the production process, provide technical support for their further investment in the EU market, and eliminate the economic losses caused by blind development and production. The enterprise has gradually embarked on the four modernizations of product diversification, material diversification, technology diversification and trade market diversification, ensuring the steady growth of production capacity and competing for emerging market areas. Among them, a number of emerging environmental protection materials represented by corn starch, bamboo powder and polylactic acid plastics are widely used in the production and export of plastic tableware and kitchenware, and have obtained preferential policies such as tax cuts and subsidies from the importing countries. The annual growth of product exports has exceeded 30%, The development and production of such products have greatly enhanced the core competitiveness of Taizhou manufacturing

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