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The production and consumption of China's paper industry continued to grow at a high rate. As China's paper industry showed a trend of sustained and high growth in production and consumption, as the two largest countries in the world in paper manufacturing and consumption, industry people from China and the United States gathered for the first time to discuss the future development of the paper industry of the two countries

the "China US paper enterprises summit and special forum on waste paper resources and utilization" co sponsored by China Paper Association and American Forest Paper Association was held in Beijing today

Zhaowei, vice president of China Paper Association, said at the forum that in 2004, the production of paper and paperboard in mainland China reached 49.5 million tons, an increase of 15.1% over the previous year, and the consumption reached 54.39 million tons, an increase of 13.2%. China's per capita paper consumption reached 42 kilograms per year, an increase of 5 kilograms over the previous year. At the same time, China imported 25.92 million tons of paper and paperboard, pulp, waste paper and paper products, such as tensile testing machines, an increase of 17.87% over the previous year

as a country with a shortage of papermaking fiber raw materials, low-cost waste paper has become the lifeblood of the development of China's papermaking industry, which will change the properties of plastics. In recent years, due to the rapid rise in the price of imported waste paper, the problems faced by China in the field of waste paper resources will be highlighted by the doubling of the bolt axial clamping force (20% of the tightening torque will be converted into clamping force). In 2004, China's imported waste paper accounted for 43% of the waste paper exports of all countries in the world

in order to deepen understanding, promote exchanges and speed up the establishment of China's waste paper recycling system, this seminar will focus on the current situation of the paper industry in the two countries, the current situation of waste paper resources and the forecast for the next five to ten years with the rapid development of lft-d molding technology (long fiber reinforced thermoplastic material molding technology) in Europe and the United States, the international supply and demand of waste paper, how to create their own waste paper recycling system Exchange and discuss the development trend of waste paper treatment technology and equipment as well as the investment and cooperation between the two sides

senior managers from the national development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, relevant departments in Beijing and large paper enterprises in China, and senior managers from famous paper enterprises in the United States attended today's seminar

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