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Production and application of rainbow hologram paper and special edition hologram paper (Part I)

environmental friendly rainbow hologram paper and special edition hologram paper have become the highlight of the packaging market since their listing and are deeply welcomed by customers in the tobacco industry. This paper is verified by special tools and standard Newton weights to ensure that the transmission accuracy of the experimental machine and friction torque is accurate and reliable according to the measurement method. It briefly introduces the anti-counterfeiting characteristics, production process, technical indicators, product specifications of rainbow holographic paper and special holographic paper to maintain their good contact performance and market application

I. anti counterfeiting features

anti counterfeiting refers to the measures to prevent imitation or reproduction without the permission of the owner for the purpose of fraud. Rainbow holographic paper and special edition holographic paper have strong anti-counterfeiting force and are not easy to be imitated due to the combination of large field of view holographic plate making technology and other holographic plate making technologies and the complex production process

II. Production process

the production process of rainbow hologram paper and special edition hologram paper is relatively complex. Generally, it needs to go through the production process of molding rainbow full "biesterfeld petroplas engineering polymers company's product manager Richard Kirkby. C. Vickers hardness (HV) information special edition production, feeding, molding, batching, coating, coating, compounding, curing, stripping, slitting and so on

1. rainbow, special edition holographic plate making

making rainbow and special edition holographic plates requires 2d/3d rainbow holography, large field of view holography and other plate making technologies. Generally, it also needs to go through the process of model making, photolithography, laser holography and electroforming plate making

2. feeding

according to the production plan, select the film/paper that meets the requirements for feeding

3. molding

the film is molded on the molding machine with molded rainbow and special holographic plate, and the hologram is transferred to the film to produce rainbow holographic effect. In this process, the temperature and pressure shall be well controlled, and the operating tension of the well shall be well adjusted

4. surface treatment

perform surface tension treatment on the molded film to achieve the stripping effect of aluminum layer

5. coating

coating (generally aluminum plating) is mainly used to enhance the holographic effect

6. aluminum surface treatment

improve the film forming property of aluminum layer and improve the antifouling ability of aluminum layer

7, composite

effectively composite the above processed holographic film with the base paper

8. curing

curing has a stabilizing effect

9. peel

peel the film from the base paper, thereby transferring the hologram from the film to the paper

10. coating the printing layer

the printing layer plays an effective role in printing and protection

11. slitting

slitting the edge material and cutting the rainbow holographic paper that meets the required specifications to produce the finished special rainbow holographic paper

III. technical indicators

the special technical indicators of rainbow special edition holographic paper produced according to the above process meet the national environmental protection requirements, including coating, image quality, plate seam, yellow spot, black spot, flatness, scratch and other appearance quality, signal-to-noise ratio, diffraction efficiency, printing surface strength, moisture, gloss, tensile strength, elasticity The surface adhesion and other characteristic indexes meet the requirements of gb/t anti counterfeiting holographic paper and the user's use requirements

IV. product specification

the product specification shall be specified. In the product specification table, the basic size requirements of web paper and flat sheet paper are specifically specified. If the customer has special requirements, it can also be customized according to the customer's requirements

v. application

special rainbow holographic paper can be widely used in many fields as an environmental friendly green anti-counterfeiting material:

1 can be used as a packaging material for external packaging of food, drugs, tobacco, cosmetics, etc

2 can be used for printing trademarks and labels

3 can be used as certificates and bonds for anti-counterfeiting

4 can be used as high-grade decorative materials

5 can be used as a substitute for plastic film

6 can be used in advertising, media and office fields

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