The hottest new material industry boosts Chongqing

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New material industry boosts Chongqing's industrial take-off

not long ago, Chongqing International Composites Corporation (CPIC) won the "China Industry Award", a representative award in China's industrial field, with the "high-performance glass fiber chopped yarn project for engineering plastics", which is the first time that China's building materials industry has won this honor

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it is understood that as a recyclable new environmental protection material, high-performance glass fiber chopped yarn for engineering plastics weighs only 4.6 grams per strand, only 1/101000 of the fineness of hair. It can be woven into soft electronic cloth, which is widely used in the production of notebook computers, high-end and other electronic products. It is the finest and most high-end glass fiber in China at present

What does the invention of this new material mean to Chongqing

the relevant person in charge of the light industry information research institute told Chongqing to build the largest notebook computer base in Asia and the largest offshore data development and processing center in China. While providing industrial incentives, it is also important to establish a complete supply chain. As an important part of the supply chain, more environmentally friendly, more efficient and cheaper raw materials are of more direct significance to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises

in addition to the notebook computer industry, Chongqing's newly planned communication equipment, integrated circuits, rail transit, new energy vehicles, environmental protection equipment and other industries have a high degree of dependence on new materials, creating market space for the development of the new material industry. "It is no exaggeration to say that the new material industry is the booster of Chongqing's strategic emerging industries." The person in charge said

in addition, the nine traditional industries represented by automobiles, motorcycles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals in Chongqing also urgently need to be upgraded as a whole, and also need the support of the new material industry

the efficiency of clusters needs to be improved.

however, even though Chongqing has no lack of innovative products in material science, on the whole, we have not yet formed a new material industry cluster, which is still a certain gap with the actual needs of industrial economic development

according to relevant sources, the new material technology mastered by many Chongqing enterprises can only meet the production needs of traditional industries and products with relatively low performance requirements. Most of the new materials and technologies are in the hands of eastern coastal and even foreign enterprises. This means that Chongqing enterprises can only rely on the introduction of technical products to move towards the high end, which requires paying a fee several times higher than the expected cost

at the same time, most new material production enterprises in Chongqing have small production scale, which is difficult to form scale effect, and the market capacity of plastic extruders will be further expanded; Lack of talents, lack of technical force in digestion, absorption and re innovative utilization after technology introduction

according to the Institute of industrial economics of Chongqing University, the reasons for this situation are: first, the foundation of the new material industry in our city is weak, and there is still a certain gap compared with developed industrial cities; second, from the perspective of industrial attributes, the new material industry has a large investment, takes a lot of time for research and development, and has a long investment return cycle, resulting in the lack of enthusiasm of some enterprises to participate

taking "glass fiber chopped yarn" as an example, it was learned that it has been a full decade since the product was officially developed in 2001 and won the "China Industrial Award". "In the new material industry, the test is not only the strength of the enterprise, but also the endurance," an insider pointed out

as for how to solve the difficulties of Chongqing enterprises, a professor from the major economics research institute said, "we must adhere to the combination of government guidance and strengthening the introduction. Through policy guidance, we should promote the concentration of capital, technology and talents to advantageous enterprises, optimize the investment environment, and promote industrial agglomeration. At the same time, we should strengthen the selective introduction of high-end projects, technology and talents, and timely solve the problem of insufficient development of Chongqing's new material industry."

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