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New masterbatch can effectively improve the quality of finished products

according to the prediction of market research agency AMI, the demand for masterbatch in Asian market will maintain an average annual growth rate of 11% before 2008. It is expected that the demand of Masterbatch Market will exceed 780000 tons in 2008. The rapid development of the market also promotes the development of a new master batch product concrete pressure testing machine to measure and judge the performance parameters of concrete according to the national standard gb/t50081 (2) 002 "standard for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete"

antistatic masterbatch specially designed for polystyrene

polystyrene, as a colorless and tasteless thermoplastic resin, can provide excellent surface brightness. In 2015, it accounted for the largest market share of composite materials in the world. Its main characteristics include: excellent coloring, easy processing, strong tensile stress resistance, high strength, good heat preservation performance, etc

polystyrene is suitable for a variety of purposes. Its excellent transparency, brightness and colorless and tasteless characteristics make it especially suitable for cosmetics packaging, drug packaging, food packaging and other purposes. Due to its good low temperature resistance and moisture resistance, polystyrene is also suitable for household appliances, building materials and other industries, especially as flooring and cladding materials. At the same time, polystyrene also has the characteristics of light weight and cleanability. It can be used as the material required for toy production to produce low-cost products of various shapes and colors

however, polystyrene products, like plastic products, may form charge accumulation on the surface during processing, thus adsorbing dust and forming an indecent appearance. In fact, the image of the product largely depends on the appearance of the product. In order to solve this problem, the viba environmental simulation test is to impact the composite material while placing it in the environmental room. The company launched a new vibatanpsc antistatic03277 antistatic master batch specially for polystyrene

the new vibatan PSC an tistatic 03277 antistatic masterbatch is used, which helps to distribute the charge evenly, so as to avoid dust pollution. The higher the master batch content is, the better and more lasting the effect will be. In addition, vibatan PSC antistatic03277 antistatic masterbatch can also be used in food packaging production

plasticblends additive masterbatch that can promote material degradation

photodegradable plastic, as a professionally designed plastic, is very sensitive to solar ultraviolet radiation under the action of degradation additives: photodegradable plastic contains a small amount of active non-toxic components, which form free radicals that can freely erode the polymer chain. As the molecular bond of plastic, free radicals allow bacteria to consume plastic. The d48/10/402, D50/10/401 and d48/BL/21 additive masterbatches of plastiblands have oxidation, in which free radicals play a dual role in the degradation process. The oxidation process is similar to plastic combustion, which can consume carbon in the plastic main chain

the above additive masterbatch is especially suitable for polyethylene resin processors specializing in the production of blown films and cast films, as well as producers of polypropylene TQ films, cast films and biaxial tensile films

for starch based biodegradable additive masterbatch, in the first stage of degradation, the plastic strength increases and becomes softer with the absorption of environmental moisture by starch. Later, starch, as a food source, plays a role in activating the oxidation mechanism. When bacteria, algae, fungi and other microorganisms consume the starch in the film, the strength of the plastic begins to weaken, leaving micropores in the plastic substrate that continues to degrade. In the second stage, the plastic blocks begin to become brittle, split into small pieces or powder, and no longer have the original appearance. In the final stage, the plastic block continues to decompose into molecular sizes and become food for bacteria on the surface. In this way, low molecular weight paraffin wax and soil type film will be formed, and finally become carbon dioxide and water. The thicker the film is, the more starch is needed for degradation

the degradation rate is mainly determined by the following factors:

-- the concentration of biodegradable plastic additive masterbatch

-- film thickness

-- type of resin carrier (polyethylene or polypropylene)

-- content of antioxidant/ultraviolet absorber in resin carrier

-- whether carbon black, titanium dioxide, sunscreen, colorant and other colorants exist and their content

-- processing temperature

-- exposure type (underground or ground)

plastics additive masterbatch main advantages include:

-- environmental protection

-- excellent cost-effectiveness

-- the degradation rate and density can be controlled without affecting the film strength, transparency and physical properties

-- carbon dioxide and water are formed in the final stage of degradation

-- just mix the biodegradable plastic additive masterbatch barrel according to the recommended dosage: -- biodegradable processed products include PE/PP extruded films, injection molded parts and blow molded parts

plastics additive masterbatch uses include:

-- handbags, shopping bags

-- agricultural film

-- compound fertilizer bags, garbage bags and waste bags

-- waste bag

-- Conservation bag

-- sanitary film (hospital bag)

-- special film (bubble film and elastic outer packaging film)

-- Polypropylene TQ film (knitwear packaging bag and textile outer packaging)

information source: China Packaging News

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