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New material industry is an important growth pole for the economic development of Chenglu

according to the voice of China and newspaper abstract, Shandong Province has actively adjusted its industrial structure, and the new material industry has developed rapidly, becoming an important growth pole for economic development

the main raw material of ceramic fiber, a new thermal insulation and fire-proof material produced by Shandong Zibo Luyang Co., Ltd. [17.93 0.45%], is waste coal gangue

Gaojunchang, deputy general manager of the company: the national resources of kaolin are gradually reduced, and at the same time, a large amount of coal gangue is in stock. Using coal gangue to produce ceramic fiber has applied for a national patent

as a traditional resource-based industrial city, Zibo takes new materials, new technologies and new products as the breakthrough of industrial transformation, but according to our experience. Today, Zibo has formed seven industrial clusters with comparative advantages, such as new refractory materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, high-tech ceramics, and won the title of "China's new material capital" when the safety protection device is damaged

liuhuiyan, Secretary of Zibo Municipal Party committee: the traditional industrial structure adjustment is often inseparable from new materials. Making it develop and expand is also of positive significance to improve the industrial level and level of the province

Shandong Province issued policies this year, focusing on the development of new ceramic materials, high-performance fibers and special new materials, and giving support in finance, finance, taxation, land and other aspects. By 2012 (1) open the source of experimental motors, and the development, application and industrialization level of new materials are generally close to or reach the international advanced level. 1 Look at the choice of Electromechanical, the output value has increased by more than 20% per year

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