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In the new market and new environment, what strength should Wuhan jubaipin hardware and electric tools wholesale agents have?

1. People who are good at grasping the wind direction that cannot slip must grasp the wind direction. Keep abreast of macro and industrial policies. Otherwise, even if you make money at the beginning, you can't hold it in the end

2. At present, the only European company in the world can produce this material on a large scale. Poor people

are just like men who are not amazing in appearance who wholeheartedly pursue beautiful girls but basically give them away. They often succeed. Poor people have more desire and spirit to make money because they feel the pain of poverty

3. Those who abandon face should not be afraid of shame if they want to get rich. When you sell products in the streets, don't be afraid of being looked down upon by others

4. It is an ability to unite people. We can gather a group of people to carry out the revolution and follow you all the time. Only in this way can we make a lot of money

5. People who can make relationships must deal with all kinds of relationships. In addition to building their own business circles, especially the relationship with the government and officials when they impact the work, otherwise they can capsize accidentally. Recently, there have been more discussions on the relationship between politics and business, which is also the reason

6. People who dare to take decisive risks

there is a single tree bridge. Opposite the bridge, there is a rich fruit forest with big and good fruits. Courageous people walk across the single log bridge quickly with courage and reap a lot of fruits. And timid people, timid dare not cross the bridge, and did not get a great fruit. Some of them only picked up some rotten and small fruits even if they passed slowly. Whether it is their own innovation or the first imitation of foreign ideas, at least China should be the first

7. People who can work hard and persevere

do business without rest for 365 days a year, in the wind and rain, life is irregular, and it is quite hard to carry goods. Please believe that God rewards diligence. At present, most popular entrepreneurs are hard-working people

8. People with strong executive ability

once there is a profitable business, they should do it step by step and put it into action. Only in this way can we seize the opportunity. Emphasize implementation, and don't talk about strategies and ideas every day

9. People who stick to principles

no matter how many hidden rules, they should have a steelyard in their heart. Business is business, integrity first. Otherwise, even if you make money, you won't make long-term money

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