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New low temperature sampling box comes out

Beijing youleng Technology Co., Ltd.

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with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, food safety has increasingly become the focus of attention. In August 2007, the State Council Office issued China's first white paper on food safety quality, which stressed that China will further strengthen the management and testing of food quality. However, at present, we still lack certain experience and implementation standards in food inspection, as well as products matching food safety inspection. It is a long-term and arduous task to establish and improve food inspection standards and improve food safety inspection mechanism

the key to food testing lies in the accuracy and effectiveness of sampling. How to keep the samples taken without changes in their properties during the long-term inspection process is the key to food testing. The convenience of carrying the box, the fall and impact resistance of the box, the safety of the box material and the sealing of the box all affect the effectiveness and accuracy of sampling to varying degrees. How to choose an excellent sampling box is particularly important for you. Here are the key points of choosing a sampling box:

1, sealing: the use of concave groove multiple sealing strips is very important to the insulation performance of the incubator

2, thermal insulation material: the thermal insulation layer should be polyurethanecfc free with excellent thermal insulation performance

3, wear resistance and fall resistance: the internationally recognized polyethylene material treated by special processing technology is used as the inner and outer shell material, which is formed by the overall molding process

it is not enough to have an excellent sampling box, and other parts are needed to be used together with it, because for most sampling, it is very important to maintain the original properties of the sample. One of the most important parameters is to keep the sample at a constant temperature. There are two protective barriers (resin and polyurethane coating) to block the temperature of ultraviolet light shining on the fiber, which requires refrigerant to provide a constant temperature cold source

in the current low-temperature sampling, the difference in skills between experimental machines with accuracy of 0.5 and 1 is not clear. In the sampling process, ice bags (blue ice) are generally used for refrigeration at the refrigeration temperature of 2 ~ 8 ℃; When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, dry ice or liquid nitrogen is mostly used to provide cold source. This refrigeration method has many inconveniences, not to mention that the production, storage and carrying of dry ice or liquid nitrogen are very inconvenient, and the volatilization in the refrigeration process produces a lot of gas, which is a potential safety hazard. In other words, the impact of dry ice and liquid nitrogen on food quality is also very obvious. As we all know, the temperature of dry ice is generally more than minus 70 degrees Celsius, while the refrigeration temperature of liquid nitrogen is minus 198 degrees Celsius. Like the impact of too high temperature on samples, the properties of many samples will change in such a low temperature environment, which restricts the accuracy of sampling to a certain extent

it is reported that based on years of research and development, Beijing youleng Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a series of dry ice bags with phase change temperatures of -55 ℃, - 22 ℃, - 18 ℃ and - 10 ℃, completely solving the embarrassing situation that dry ice can only be used as refrigerant in low-temperature distribution. At present, the technology has applied for a national patent, filling the international gap in the industry, and bringing a new dawn for aviation low-temperature distribution. The low temperature sampling box equipped with youleng series dry ice bags has the following remarkable characteristics:

first, accurate refrigeration and temperature control. The dry ice bags produced by youleng company can accurately refrigeration and temperature control, and keep the incubator in a certain temperature zone (2 ~ 8 ℃, -2 ~ -10 ℃, -12 ~ -18 ℃, -15 ~ -22 ℃, -30 ~ -55 ℃) for 8 ~ 120 hours due to the relative lag of lithium battery capacity expansion, Avoid the change of sample properties caused by ultra-low temperature of dry ice and liquid nitrogen below 0 ℃, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the sample

second, it has strong refrigeration capacity. This type of dry ice bag has sufficient cold storage capacity and will not release gas to take away the cold capacity in the distribution process like dry ice. Therefore, under the same conditions, its actual use is less than dry ice

third, it is easy to use. Dry ice low-temperature ice bags can be stored and used like common ice bags. The user only needs to put it into the low-temperature refrigerator to fully freeze and cool before use. When using, take it out and put it into the incubator at the same time with the items, and seal the opening of the box. The dry ice type ice bag can continuously cool and keep the low temperature of the sampling box for 8 ~ 120 hours

fourth, youleng series dry ice bags can be used repeatedly like ordinary blue ice, greatly reducing the cost of sampling

fifth, it is not restricted by aviation. Different from dry ice and liquid nitrogen, excellent cold dry ice bags will not produce gas during refrigeration, so they are not restricted by aviation

according to xuxiaolong (:), the head of Beijing youleng Technology Co., Ltd., the low-temperature sampling box equipped with dry ice type low-temperature ice bags has won the attention of many customers since its launch. At present, youleng technology has established cooperative relations with some large biopharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, and is preparing to promote this high-tech product to the world. It is believed that in the near future, youleng dry ice bags will gradually replace dry ice, and consumers will gradually change the conventional thinking that dry ice and liquid nitrogen can only be used for distribution below 0 ℃. The low-temperature sampling box products equipped with youleng series dry ice bags will also change the current situation of low-temperature sampling to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development

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