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The new "low temperature series" of Jierui appeared in the international gas exhibition

the 11th China (Beijing) international gas technology, equipment and Application Exhibition in 2009 was held as scheduled in December. The cold climate did not affect the enthusiasm and attention of professionals from all walks of life to this exhibition. Jierui, as it has participated in this event in the past, is suitable for quality supervision, teaching and scientific research, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, automobile, rubber and plastic The development and progress of weaving materials and other experimental fields

in the exhibition, Jierui showed the professional audience all kinds of valves and accessories commonly used in the gas industry, complete series products, excellent product quality. Many audiences stopped to understand, and the low-temperature series products aroused great interest. In view of the climatic environment of cities in northern China, when the computer technology is used in the tensile test, the oil cylinder of the hydraulic system of the rear machine can be used for complex data analysis. Jierui has specially launched low-temperature series pressure reducer, pressure gauge, stop valve, safety valve and other products. After repeated testing and improvement by R & D personnel, this series of products are cast with high-quality raw materials. The integral diaphragm valve ensures long-term use without leakage, and the parts are cleaned in strict accordance with the requirements to ensure the same use in pure oxygen environment

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