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Xinxindai helps "made in China 2025", and the artificial intelligence dream of Subo Weixun sets sail

he is a top student in the computer department of Nanjing University, and has worked in Nanjing Institute of Posts and telecommunications for 7 years, with a job that everyone admires. However, because he yearned for an open thinking space and a working environment of teamwork, he resolutely left the comfortable university to devote himself to the fourth industrial revolution, committed to the field of intelligent manufacturing, and settled in the only National University Science Park with sensing as the theme in China. In these years of entrepreneurship, LV Hongfei said that there is no lack of technology, but only lack of funds...

speaking of intelligent manufacturing, it has been too popular in recent years. Imagine a beautiful girl standing on a Bluetooth connected body fat said, "magic mirror" can immediately show her weight, body fat, blood pressure and other human health data; Or, try intelligent fitting software again. Standing in front of the camera, 3D portraits are instantly generated, and the "try on" effect immediately appears in front of you... This is intelligent manufacturing. From the subtle life of health magic mirror and intelligent fitting to the industrial fields of production control, process supervision, intelligent warehousing and intelligent logistics, intelligence has been everywhere. As the first batch of intelligent manufacturing practitioners in China, LV Hongfei has occupied his own highland in the intelligent field

from colleges and universities to small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises in Jiangsu Province

in early September, LV Hongfei drove for more than 8 hours from Wuxi to Qingdao Haier to implement a "black light factory" project

black light factory is the literal translation of dark

factory, that is, smart factory. Because there is no need for manual operation, it can turn off the lights and run. In the black light factory, robots shuttle back and forth to the warehouse to pick up goods and carry them to the station according to the instructions, and then the parts are equipped by the manipulator. Then the welding, spraying, testing and finished products warehousing are also done at one go. This is the standard configuration of the fourth industrial revolution

"with the rise of labor costs, it will become a trend to replace labor with machines. For example, apple, the screen mirror is very smooth, and finger prints will be left when touched by fingers. There is no concern about nondestructive testing using heat, sound, light, electricity and magnetism." Lu Hongfei said that his product machine vision system, applied to actual production, can replace human eyes and reduce the judgment error caused by human operation through computer technology

intelligent manufacturing is suitable for LV Hongfei, who is a computer major. LV Hongfei has always been grateful for his choice to leave the comfortable University and start entrepreneurial intelligent manufacturing. Open thinking space and teamwork working environment are the scenes he always yearns for

After graduating from the computer department of Nanjing University 19 years ago, LV Hongfei worked in Nanjing Institute of Posts and telecommunications, which also attracted startups to pay taxes in Zibo for 7 years. In Nanyou, LV Hongfei came into contact with the world's leading machine vision company konasi and became very interested in intelligence. With the establishment of the Shanghai Office of Cognex, LV Hongfei felt as if he had found a confidant and resolutely quit his stable job to enter Cognex. After he started his business, Cognex became his first agent

coming to Wuxi is a dividend of policy. Wuxi is the birthplace of China's industry and commerce, and also the highland of the national IOT industry. "Wuxi smart manufacturing" has become a new city card. In order to absorb the scientific and technological achievements and talents of well-known universities at home and abroad, Wuxi has established a national sensor University Science Park to accelerate the agglomeration of IOT industry. In 2013, through the opportunity of attracting investment, Lu Hongfei established Subo Weixun Technology Co., Ltd. in the science and Technology Park of Wuxi sensor University, and was awarded the title of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu Province. He led his team to study technology and negotiate projects like a duck to water

banks will only add to the icing on the cake, while P2P will provide timely help

with the expansion of the project, LV Hongfei's products have become more and more influential. At the end of last year, LV Hongfei received an order from Haier. Because the accounts were not recovered in time and the funds in his hand were tight, he urgently needed 100000 yuan for turnover. For banks, I think it's Xiaosheng who is not willing to do it. Through the new loan, LV Hongfei quickly obtained working capital

everything is going on as scheduled. However, LV Hongfei often worries. At present, he is negotiating an exclusive supply project with UnionPay to detect the security of POS machines with intelligent devices. Including plant, personnel and equipment, he needs to prepare in advance, and these all need some financial support

in these years of entrepreneurship, LV Hongfei did not lack technology, but funds. "The operation of this industry requires long-term advance funds, or wait until the money for the previous set of equipment is collected, and then start the production of the next set of equipment. Now the overall environment is not very good, and it is difficult to find investment for dowels and hammers, and the bank will only add to the icing on the cake, not provide timely help." Lu Hongfei smiled and shook his head. Financing was difficult and the throat of development was choked, which was fatal for the enterprise

indeed, financing difficulties have been plagued by small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, seriously hindering the development of the real economy. Small, medium and micro enterprises have become an important foundation for promoting China's economic development, market prosperity and employment. Especially with the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution based on intelligent manufacturing, China and developed countries are on the same starting line. As early as 2015, China issued the "made in China 2025" manufacturing power strategy. We need not only participants in the fourth industrial revolution, but also initiators and promoters

strategic cooperation between Chinese and German scientists to jointly promote the dream of smart manufacturing power

Europe's smart manufacturing is leading the world, especially Germany, an old industrial power. Over the years, LV Hongfei has been fascinated with the research, development and manufacturing of machine vision systems, and has visited Germany for many times. The 2015 Hannover Industrial Exposition in Germany made him clear the direction of research and development, that is, to use his own technology to develop "eyes" for industrial robots

seize the highland of intelligent manufacturing industry, and LV Hongfei takes the lead. His research and development achievements have been recognized by the Germans. However, in a few months, Professor Klaus Schilling, Dean of the school of robotics and telematics at the University of vilzburg, Germany, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lu Hongfei to jointly establish Wuxi Supo Weixun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and, as the chief scientist, led the team to focus on the R & D, production, sales and services of domestic high-end industrial robot systems. Schilling was once the technical director of the European Space Agency, an academician of the International Academy of Astronautics and Astronautics and the president of the International Federation of automation. He has international influence in the field of intelligent manufacturing

this partner of LV Hongfei was also employed as the director of the Preparatory Committee of the intelligent manufacturing (industrial robot) expert committee established by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2016. Wuxi has become the permanent expert meeting site of this special committee. At present, China and Germany share a common development strategy, that is, intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0

this is a good opportunity. China and Germany will have more cooperation in industrial production, especially in hardware development in the future. In addition to introducing the latest German technology to Wuxi, which is widely used, Supo Weixun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. also opened online education platforms and offline training centers to strengthen the training of intelligent manufacturing talents

"made in China, in order to move towards Chinese intelligent manufacturing and Chinese creation, we must have technology, talents and funds, so as to realize the dream of a powerful country made in China. In the era of German industry 4.0, made in China 2025, we are on the way." Lu Hongfei said

the "black light factory" project in cooperation with Haier is progressing smoothly, the intelligent detection project in exclusive cooperation with UnionPay is in preparation, and LV Hongfei is still expanding the use of his robot "eyes". The scale of China's manufacturing industry has leapt to the first in the world and has the most complete industrial system in the world. However, at present, the industry as a whole is at the middle and low end of the global manufacturing chain. The development of intelligent manufacturing is an important way to achieve the strategic goal of becoming an industrial power. This requires more "Lv Hongfei" to innovate in the field of intelligent manufacturing. For LV Hongfei, in addition to the strong support of the state through policies, financial institutions also need to provide more help in terms of funds

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