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Xinjin: the rise of new material industrial city on a land of 33 square kilometers on October 21, as one of the important achievements of the "2010 overseas Chinese high tech fair and Sichuan World Chinese business conference - Xinjin County Investment briefing in Chengdu", 22 well-known enterprises focusing on new materials settled in Xinjin, with an investment of more than 4 billion yuan. Therefore, as the "national high-performance fiber high-tech industrialization base" and Chengdu new material industry functional zone, Xinjin County began to enter a new stage of development

shouldering the historical mission of Chengdu's strategy of developing emerging industries, the general planning, production planning and control planning of Chengdu's new material industry functional zone have passed the review and are currently being further deepened and improved. On a land of 33 square kilometers, an industrial new city aiming at the development direction of the international new material industry and directly reaching the high-end and high-end industries is rising

unremitting pursuit

from customized laminated products and preformed composite inserts for hybrid molding process, new material industry highland is emerging

why is Xinjin? In May this year, when the "national high performance fiber high tech industrialization base" of the Ministry of science and technology was officially unveiled, all sectors of society were excited about it

the settlement of the "national brand" industrialization base is an affirmation of the good development trend and bright prospects of this emerging industry in Xinjin

to build a "modern landscape garden city" to build a solid economic foundation and industrial support, Xinjin has already pointed to the industrialization base of new materials, focusing on the development of high-performance fiber and composite products, electronic information materials, new energy materials, rail transit materials, with the creation of a public technical service platform for the new material industry as the carrier, and with the cooperation of government, universities (colleges), enterprises, universities, research institutes as the starting point, Based on the "1113" working idea of building three service systems, and in accordance with the development requirements of "taking the lead, clarifying the key points, integrating resources and intensive clusters", a new chapter of "leapfrog, catch-up and supporting" development of the new material industry will be opened

relying on the regional advantages - the distance from the central urban area of Chengdu is moderate. On the new energy and new material industrial belt determined by the province, the upstream and downstream enterprises that can seamlessly connect the industry will be a depression that gathers information flow, talent flow, logistics and capital flow. Through just three years of efforts, Xinjin new material industry has begun to take shape - Tianwei Sichuan silicon company's 3000 ton/year solar polysilicon production line has been completed and put into operation; China Blue Chenguang 1000 ton/year special fiber production line has been basically completed; Haocheng science and technology environmental protection materials and catalysts project is about to start in full; Chengdu Mushan FRP company plans to cooperate with Wuhan University of technology to invest in the high-performance reinforced composite project... The new material industry cluster has initially taken shape

at the same time, the commanding height of the development of new material industry is quietly being built in Xinjin. At present, Xinjin has cooperated with Tianjin University to set up a new material product R & D incubation center, and jointly built a R & D institution with Sichuan University; China bluemorning photochemical Research Institute has established a National Key Laboratory of new materials in the industrial functional zone; Southwest Research Institute of chemical industry will enter the functional zone of new materials industry to establish research institutions, which will provide good intellectual support and technical services in the government's industrial planning and layout and enterprise development

"Xinjin will lead the new material industry in the central and western regions." Wu Min, Secretary of Xinjin County Party committee and head of Xinjin County, said. This year, the county is expected to complete the new material industry project investment of more than 800million yuan, with an annual sales revenue of more than 1billion yuan, vigorously promote the construction of infrastructure in the functional area, and form a strong project carrying capacity; By 2015, the loctite adhesive new material industry, which can be activated by ultraviolet light, will strive to achieve a sales revenue of more than 30billion yuan, gradually improve the industrial chain, initially form an industrial cluster, and become a leading new material industrial park in the West; By 2020, we will strive to build a 100 billion level industrial park and become a composite new material industrial base "first in the West and first-class in China"

industry city integration

the functional zone creates a new development mode

Wu Min, Secretary of the Xinjin County Party committee and head of Xinjin County, said that the new material industry functional zone has creatively planned and constructed the park as a city in accordance with the concept of "transformation from industrial park to industrial new town" from the beginning of planning

in the whole functional area, in addition to the industrial base composed of the new material Park, there are also a comprehensive service area integrating headquarters, research and development, conferences and exhibitions, as well as multiple functional blocks such as residential trade market area and comprehensive supporting area planned for the industrial functional area

at the same time, Xinjin County further strengthened its administrative efficiency, built a platform, and comprehensively improved its service level

by setting up a policy support platform, improving and implementing industrial development support policies, increasing support for new material projects in terms of technological transformation, technological innovation, energy-saving transformation, enterprise listing, industrialization of scientific research achievements, talent introduction, etc., attracting projects that are very close to both ends of the test piece to settle, encouraging enterprises to upgrade and become bigger and stronger, and promoting the continuous development and growth of the industry. Establish a catalogue of new material products, actively promote local product support, implement special person responsibility and agency services for new material projects, and adopt the method of "one enterprise, one policy" for key enterprises, major projects and key supporting projects to support enterprises to accelerate development

standing at a new historical starting point, Xinjin has a long-term vision and strived to leap forward. A new emerging new material industry city is rising here

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