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The sales volume of Chengdu new material industry in 2015 exceeded 100 billion

the relevant person of Chengdu municipal government said on August 25 that the development goal of Chengdu new material industry is to have an annual sales volume of more than 100billion yuan by 2015, cultivate 3 enterprises with an annual sales revenue of more than 10billion yuan, 4 enterprises with an annual sales revenue of more than 5billion yuan, and 8 enterprises with an annual sales revenue of more than 1billion yuan

at present, there are more than 80 new material enterprises above Designated Size in Chengdu, with a number of enterprises with strong R & D and market expansion capabilities. The main products include high-strength steel bar welding joint experimental method standard jgj/t 27 ⑵ 001 energy fiber and its composites, rail transit materials, electronic information materials, silicon materials, etc. Glass fiber and basalt 2 For the safety of operators, the continuous fiber quilt technology has reached the international advanced level, and the material technology such as cadmium sulfide is the first in China. Carbon metal and other materials rank in the forefront of China. The listed companies of new materials in Chengdu include Galaxy magnet, Sibao technology, etc

in recent years, the pace of new industrialization and new urbanization in Chengdu has been accelerating. With the construction of infrastructure such as subway and road management, China's plastic sealers have achieved considerable development. The development of industrial clusters such as electronic information, mechanical vehicles, metallurgical building materials and aerospace, as well as the development of new energy vehicles and energy-saving and environmental protection industries, have provided a broad market space for the development of the new material industry

it is also understood that in the 2015 sales target of Chengdu's new material industry, the functional area of Chengdu's new material industry accounts for more than 30billion yuan. According to the blue book on the development of new material industrial functional zones in Chengdu, the industrial functional zone also plans to form a 100 billion industrial cluster by 2020 and become a first-class composite new material industrial base in China. At the project signing ceremony held in the afternoon of August 25, Chengdu new materials industry functional zone received a large order with a total investment of about 8.4 billion yuan

Chengdu new materials industry functional zone has gathered more than 70 enterprises (projects), and the settled projects include China Chemical west base, Tianwei Sichuan silicon polysilicon, China National Materials Group West new materials base, China Blue Chenguang special fiber base, Xinzhu new materials, Shanghai jieshijie thermoplastic materials, Linhai electronic information materials, etc

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