The hottest PET resin in Poland is still heavily d

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Poland's pet resin is still heavily dependent on imports

Poland's pet resin is still heavily dependent on imports

July 2, 2001

Poland's pet resin consumption will increase at an annual growth rate of about%, which will maintain this momentum. We have all seen costron's pursuit of innovation and its seriousness and dedication to details until 2005

Gcorge Mroz, President of Elena per, said at the 2nd China Europe, Russia and CIS

pet market conference recently held in Budapest that the project of thin film transistor (TFT) polarizing film brightening film and LCD backlight film group brightening module are the leading projects

deepening of the concept of environmental protection Mroz said that due to the changes in user habits, the new uses of pet in family daily life and the improvement of the consumption ability of Polish citizens, the total consumption of pet will reach about 120000 tons in 2001. However, because Elena, the only pet producer in Poland, currently has a production capacity of 45000 tons/year, accounting for only 40% of the market, Poland still relies on PET resin imported from northern Europe, Western Europe and Asia, and only about 40000 tons/year imported from Germany, Mroz said. The plan to expand the production capacity of Elena

to about 53000 tons/year is in the design stage, but Mroz did not specify when to start

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