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Pet waste bottle recycling has its ups and downs

pet bottle is currently recognized as one of the plastic packaging materials with the best adaptability to environmental protection at home and abroad, and has become one of the plastic packaging containers with the fastest development speed and the largest application in the world

high recycling rate

pet waste bottle is the variety with the highest recycling rate among all kinds of plastic packaging wastes in Shanghai, and its recycling rate is close to 10096 (at least more than 95%). According to the Shanghai Waste Management Office, there is no trace of PET bottles in Shanghai's municipal waste at present

the high recovery rate of pet waste bottles is mainly due to the high utilization value of pet waste bottle recycling. The recycling of pet pellets made from recycled PET waste bottles has been very successful in spinning, blow molding and other aspects. Its deep-processing products (fabrics such as carpets or pesticide bottles, etc.) have been fully affirmed in practical applications, whether in terms of usability or economy. Therefore, the price of recycled PET pellets is quite high, which can reach about 70% of that of new pet. In addition, the quality (weight) of pet waste bottles is large. For example, for a coke bottle with a capacity of 1.2 liters, the quality of pet is more than 40 grams, while for a mineral water bottle with a capacity of 500 ml, the quality of PE to achieve insert injection molding is also more than 20 grams

it is "profitable" to engage in the recycling of pet waste bottles (at present, the purchase price of general plastics in Shanghai is only about 0.8 yuan loose Jin, while the purchase price of pet waste bottles is more than 1.5 yuan loose Jin), which promotes the smooth progress of all links of PET recycling, effectively preventing pet waste bottles from flowing into the dump and being fully recycled

strong renewable granulation capacity

at present, the production capacity of renewable granulation of pet waste bottles in Shanghai is estimated to be more than 100000 tons/year, which is far greater than the actual need to deal with the current pet waste bottles. Therefore, even if the production and application of PET bottles have further development, there will be no problems in the supply side of renewable granulation

the disposal of wastewater needs to be solved urgently.

what needs attention is the disposal of wastewater generated in the regeneration and granulation process of pet waste bottles. At present, if you forget to bring Shanghai pet waste bottles, the recycling is basically carried out by small enterprises, using physical regeneration methods. You can see the use situation in the same industry. The waste water generated in the regeneration process is generally disposed of by directly discharging to the river, and basically there is no standardized purification treatment. For each ton of recycled PET pellets, at least 3-5 tons of wastewater will be generated. For 100000 tons of recycled PET pellets every year, 300000-500000 tons of wastewater will be generated

although the environmental protection in Shanghai has been strengthened continuously, the treatment of waste water in the regeneration process of pet waste bottles has not seen a fundamental change. The change only lies in the transfer of pet waste bottles from the suburbs to the outer suburbs and from the suburbs of Shanghai to the surrounding areas such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Therefore, it is a very urgent task for us to do a good job in the wastewater treatment of pet waste bottle recycling and granulation enterprises

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