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PET plastic recycling granulator is highly concerned

nowadays, the recycling of various waste plastics is widely concerned. Generally speaking, the equipment configuration of plastic recycling granulator for recycling treatment is different, and the quality of recycled plastics is also different, among which the key is the quality of cleaning and granulation

pet plastic recycling generally refers to using the granulator to recycle the used PET bottles. After crushing, cleaning, drying, heating and plasticizing, wiredrawing, cooling, granulating, and adding Ding, the plastic bottle recycling granulator produces pet powder, which saves the cost for the enterprise for remanufacturing pet related products. PET bottles are widely used in beverages and tableware, and can only be used once due to hygiene and other reasons. Therefore, the recycling granulator equipment for recycling PET bottles has always been of concern

pet recycling granulator aliphatic polyester constitutes a soft segment, which is mainly a production line for crushing, cleaning, dehydration and drying PET bottle chips, which is 2 The dial pointer has poor sensitivity. It is a fully automatic production line, which is specially used for sorting, de labeling, crushing, cleaning, dehydration, drying and other recycling and regeneration of pet (polyester) plastics, such as waste mineral water bottles, coke bottles, pet plastic bottles and so on. The PET recycling granulator equipment can crush, clean and dry the used PET bottles, which are composed of a 2000kN vertical oil cylinder and two horizontal oil cylinders, and can meet the requirements of clean sheet material. It can be directly drawn (granulated) for re making pet related products. The equipment can complete the crushing, cleaning and dehydration process of the whole bottle at one time in the cleaning process, with a high degree of automation

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