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The new technology of disinfection and sterilization of PET packaging bottles was born in the United States

the disinfection and sterilization of packaging materials is very important to extend the shelf life of food. As one of the fastest growing fields in the global packaging industry, PET bottles deserve more attention for their sterilization technology

however, the existing problem is that the sterilization effect of traditional cleaning disinfectants (such as hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid) is significant, but the effect on PET bottles is not ideal. Residual chemicals will penetrate into pet material during cleaning, disinfection and hot filling, and then slowly enter the beverage itself. Consumers must strongly reject such things

new application of old technology

AEB, an advanced electron beam equipment supplier from Wilmington, Massachusetts, said that using a new electron beam transmitter developed by them can solve this problem, and is ready to put this technology on the market

this type of transmitter, e25itb, is 47.6cm long. It can provide clean, dry and chemical free disinfection and sterilization process for pet and HDPE materials to prevent harmful chemical residues from penetrating into the bottle body. At the same time, it also saves the cost of machinery related to the process of hot filling and chemical disinfection

Joshepstein, sales director of AEB, said, "electron beam sterilization technology has been applied in the medical industry for many years. Recently, the company has successfully developed the use of emitted electron beam to disinfect plastic bottles." This e25itb transmitter is the first built-in packaging bottle disinfection device, and the purification effect will be more thorough

since there is no external pump, the transmitter can be easily installed on each pet bottle or HDPE bottle product line. When the bottle passes, the fixed transmitter cleans the outside of the bottle, and the disinfection of the inside of the bottle is completed by a specially designed nozzle suitable for common types of sterile beverage bottles

the problem can be solved in 1-2 seconds

in addition to solving the penetration problem of chemical residues in PET bottles and HDPE bottles, e25itb transmitter also brings convenience to packaging bottle manufacturers in many aspects. The traditional disinfection process is expensive and complex. In addition to the expensive reagents, it also needs special treatment and operation training. The electron beam sterilization equipment allows them to get rid of these things of head zeroing function pain from benchmarking with international standards to participating in the formulation of international standards

the company has signed a cooperation project with a bottled milk supplier in the UK. Next, they will enter the North American market. This caters to consumers' preferences. Consumers want to enjoy pure food rather than worry about chemical residues. Therefore, e25itb electron beam emitters are expected to further develop pet and HDPE materials in the sterile packaging bottle industry

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