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Peter Rex: there will be more and more applications of sensors in the future.

last week, Sohu automobile signed a three-year cooperation agreement with Trina Solar, the world's largest supplier of automotive safety systems. Peter Drake, vice president of Trinasolar, introduced the future trend of automotive safety design and new technologies

: can you talk about the new trend in the design of vehicle safety system

Peter: there are three main trends. First, sensors will be more and more used in automotive safety systems in the future. Now Europe has considered more. In the next five to seven years, it will be closer to developed markets in this application; Second, the steering system gradually changes from hydraulic control to electronic control; Third, in terms of airbag, the use of side airbag curtain will be more and more widely. Because the design of the airbag on the side reduces the overlap with the door or other systems in the vehicle after it pops up, which can improve the restraint performance of the system and reduce the risk of passengers popping out in a collision accident

: will the cost of the sensor application you mentioned be relatively high

Peter: indeed, the driver assistance system with sensors can automatically reset the whole process by pressing the reset button on the main interface. In Europe, a set of the system is about 1500 euros. In the future, with the expansion of its scale, it is expected that the market price will be controlled at $200 to $300 when it enters China. This driving assistance system has a large market space in China, with a market share of more than 40%, because the current utilization rate in China is less than 1%

: I just saw the information that you have a cutting-edge design of roof airbag. When will it be marketable

Peter: This is the design layout of a new type of airbag that causes permanent deformation of strain gauge and spring sheet to protect the safety of front row passengers. It is installed in the roof above the windshield regardless of the cost factor. This design does not need to install the airbag in the instrument panel, which greatly reduces the development cost of the instrument panel. This design has been used in vehicles in Europe and is expected to enter the Chinese market within 2 to 3 years

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