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Safety technical measures for replacing high-speed shaft oil seal of scraper parallel drive reducer in fully mechanized mining face

the working face is in normal and smooth production. Now it is necessary to replace the high-speed shaft oil seal of parallel drive reducer. In order to ensure the safety of operation and the smooth completion of the work on schedule, the following safety technical measures are specially formulated:

I. construction time

August, 2009 - August, 2009

II Construction organization

Project Leader:

safety leader:

Technical Leader:

construction leader:

III. preparation before construction

1. Wait for the scraper to drive the floating coal and sundries on the cover plate in parallel to clean up

2. Clean the floating coal in front of the 1#-4# support

3. Power off and lock the combined switch of the scraper, and hang a warning sign on the combined switch for operation. It is strictly forbidden to send electricity

4. Use a drill rod with a length of not less than 2.0m to knock the side and top. The miniaturization of the engine means that the turbocharger hose with higher temperature will remove the awake coal and live gangue on the coal wall and top plate. After confirming safety, the construction will be carried out under the condition that someone monitors the A and P ports to connect the top plate and top plate. He also pointed out that

IV. construction method

1. During construction, remove the bolts of the upper cover plate driven by the scraper in parallel, and pull the cover plate to the front of the frame with chain fall to place it firmly

2. Pinch off the cables and water pipes on the reducer, motor and coupling, and hang them in a reasonable place

3. Remove the connecting bolts between the scraper reducer and the coupling, and disconnect the coupling and the motor from the reducer as a whole, and at least 1000mm away from the reducer. Use a log to pad it

4. Open the end cover on the input side of the reducer and replace it with a new oil seal. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer's service engineer during construction, and disassemble and install the new oil seal without authorization

5. After replacing the oil seal of the reducer, connect the coupling and the motor with the reducer as a whole, and tighten the connecting bolts

6. Pull the upper cover plate of the driving part to the original position with chain fall, and tighten the bolts

7. Reset the cooling water pipe, cable and other devices of the driving part

8. Remove the disassembly tools, other tools and sundries

5. After the person in charge of construction withdraws all construction personnel from the construction site, inform the console electrician to power on the scraper combination switch, start the scraper to test the machine, and then stop the machine and remove the personnel after there is no abnormal condition during the operation of the scraper

v. technical measures for lifting safety

1. It must be under the unified command of the construction director, who shall designate a special person to inspect the mechanical rigging and tools, and it is strictly prohibited to use the incomplete ones

2. The person in charge of construction shall carefully inspect the roadway roof at the lifting place to confirm whether the roof lifting bolts are firm and safe, and the construction can be carried out only after ensuring nothing is wrong. If the roof is broken, a special lifting bracket shall be erected

3. No one is allowed to work under the lifted object, or class 2, class 3 and class 4 give a horn shaped range to stay from low temperature to high temperature. The chain puller must stand in a safe place in the opposite direction of the force direction of the lifted object

4. It is strictly forbidden to push and pull the lifting object directly with hands and feet during lifting

5. When lifting, the minimum diameter of the steel wire rope buckle is 24.5mm, and the connection method must be plug-in, and the plug-in length must not be less than 30 times the diameter

6. Assign a special person to check each connecting ring in the lifting to ensure continuity and reliability

7. When lifting, try to lift 100mm first, and then carry out the operation after checking that there is no problem

8. During lifting, the lifted objects should be lifted and placed stably, and the operation should be stable

9. The lifting personnel must stand in a safe place and follow the instructions of the commander


VI. others

2. During disassembly, personnel must stand on the side of large pieces, and the disassembly process is under the unified command of the construction director

4. During the disassembly of large parts, personnel should always check the integrity of tools and instruments to avoid damage to people

6. After the equipment is removed, the equipment should be protected in time, the removed pipe joints should be blocked with cotton yarn, and the rotating parts of the equipment should be wrapped with rubber

7. For electrical operation, strictly implement the power cut system, and hang someone to work. No power transmission warning signs and no contact

8. All disassembled equipment parts and spare parts must be kept by a specially assigned person

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