Repairing the indentation of printing cylinder by

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Repair the indentation of the printing cylinder by micro pulse cold welding

ruag space of the printing cylinder once contacted Altair. In the process of use, it was sometimes scratched by hard objects such as steel balls, which affected the printing effect. This kind of indentation phenomenon has occurred in Gauss printing machine and Heidelberg printing machine of our factory. In order to solve this problem, we have demonstrated and compared several current maintenance methods, and finally decided to adopt the method of micro pulse cold welding. First, cold weld the printing drum, then polish it, and finally repair it with brush plating process. The appearance of the repaired printing cylinder is basically the same as that of the original, and the effect is also very ideal. Any scrubbing is unimpeded

advantages of micro pulse cold welding method:

① cold welding will not produce high-temperature deformation on the printing cylinder, and it can repair all kinds of indentations

② the repair surface is solid, high hardness, and not easy to be damaged again

③ the brush plating process makes the smoothness of the printing cylinder basically the same as before

micro pulse cold welding is an ideal method to repair the indentation of the printing cylinder and prevent it from being placed in fog

Author: Ren Weigang

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